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Ditch the disclaimer: stop apologizing for your race distance

If you choose to run the 5 mile of a 5 and 10, go for it! If you love the feel of a half marathon and loathe marathons, booyah! You are not half the athlete. You're badass.

Waiting in an endless line for Porta Potty at the Empire State Marathon and Half, I stood behind two women: runner A and runner B, respectively. Here’s what I heard. Runner A: What a great day to run 26.2. Runner B: It’s beautiful. But I’m ONLY running the half today. I butted in. I couldn’t […]

Fruit spotlight: avocado

Fruit spotlight on avocados | about and recipes for runners

Healthy fats. Avocados have them in spades. But did you know that avocados also have 20 key nutrients, including B vitamins, vitamin E, and choline? They are a power-packed superfood – and one you should certainly consider adding to your diet if you aren’t eating them already. Another amazing benefit of avocados is that they are […]

Top 5 picks for summer running gear

picks for summer running gear

We’re in the middle of those long summer days that we’ll be wishing for fondly come January. Every day is sunny, warm, and it sometimes seems like there’s light no matter what time you head out for your run. To celebrate these blissful days of summer, we’ve compiled a list of five of our favorite […]

Marathon training: Fitting in the long run

Skipping the big race for the local race

I love half marathons. I love the race distance and I love the training. But whenever I make the leap to the full, it’s a whole other ballgame. Why? Because marathon training rules your life. It’s a huge time commitment. On paper, the difference between a 12-miler (my longest typical training run in half marathon […]

Must-do races for the night owls

Night time races

Can’t stand to get up before the sun to make it to the start line of a race? If so, you’re in luck. Evening and nighttime races are popping up all over the U.S. Moonlight half marathon, Mapleton, Utah, August 8, 2014. This half is unlike any other race. Runners get to choose when they […]

Running safety: picking the safest route

Picking the right running route

Running with a buddy is one of the surest ways to stay safe on your daily loop. But if you prefer solo-jogs there are some smart things you can do to enjoy alone time all while staying out of harm’s way. We already have a number of safety tips on this site, but here are a […]

Do runners need more salt?

Post marathon blues

Believe it or not, salt (sodium) is a vital nutrient. It’s essential for hydration because it helps regulate your body’s fluid levels. Salt often gets a bad rap, though, because most Americans consume much more than the 2,300mg per day recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Too much salt has been linked […]

The dreaded twinge: what to do when you feel an injury coming on

What to do when you feel an injury coming on

If you’ve been running for a month or even 20 years, you might know what I’m talking about here. You are happily plodding along your favorite route and then you feel it. A twinge. It’s not quite pain, but certainly different. In a few steps, you feel it again. And then – sadly – again. This time […]

Fruit Spotlight: Watermelon

Fruit spotlight: watermelon

Watermelon is back in season. This time of year, they’re sweet, juicy and utterly delicious. Nothing beats an ice cold piece of watermelon on a hot day. However, it turns out that watermelon is more than just a tasty summer snack; it can actually benefit you post run. Rehydration: Hydrate post-workout with a few cups […]

Can you pass the US Men’s Soccer fitness test?

The US Men's Soccer team fitness test | are you fit enough to make the cut?

Though the United States fought hard against Belgium, they did not make it past the quarterfinal stage in this year’s World Cup in Brazil. While few expected them to be a real competitor in the tournament, perhaps the thing that surprised soccer fans and critics most was the phenomenal shape and insane athleticism of each and […]