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Homemade bagel sandwich options

Fuel yourself with homemade (healthy) bagel sandwiches.

Bagels. They’re my favorite bread item as of late. But bagels surely get a bad reputation when it comes to diet for their tendency to be gigantic and full of simple carbohydrates. And there’s certainly reason for concern. Some of those bakery bagels contain as much as 500 calories or more per round and are […]

Warm-up exercises for runners

10-minute cross-training workouts for runners

We’ve already shared the importance of warming up before a run, but not too many details of how runners should warm up. I’ll admit, my warm-up consists of just running at a slower pace for the first mile, but that’s really it. During my high school track days, I remember my coach used to make […]

Run this town: Jobs that require running

Jobs that require running

If you want to trade in your regular 9 to 5 for a job that’s more fun, you’re in luck. There are ways to make a living by running – and you don’t have to be a professional runner to do so. If you want to run at work, check out the following fields: Soccer […]

Recipe: Simple summer potato salad

Recipe: Simple summer potato salad

We’re right in the middle of prime BBQ and picnic season. With the fourth a not-so distant memory and plenty of warm summer nights still ahead of us, you might be getting tired of your go-to summer foods. Enter this super simple summer potato salad. I whipped this up one evening this week after work. […]

Running in a new neighborhood

Tips for running in a new neighborhood

My family is in the process of moving. And in all the madness, my husband and I have one big concern: Learning good running routines in our new neighborhood. Already we’re discovering that the terrain – though only six miles away from our last home – is much more challenging. Sidewalks, or lack thereof, are another concern. […]

Can’t take the heat? How to cool off your run

Stay cool: running on hotter-than-hot days

We had our first week of hot weather last week. And my workouts certainly suffered as a result. I’m the type of runner who lets heat and humidity box me in. No, seriously. I actually feel claustrophobic when the temperatures climb and the sweat starts rolling down my face. So, I’ve adapted my routine over […]

Focus on the running process, not just the results

befores and afters are static, and when we only focus on them, we miss the most vital and substantial piece of the pie: the here and now.

When my daughter saw her first puppy, she smiled ear to ear and squealed with joy. She ran her fingers through his soft fur, pressed her ear to his sturdy chest, and marveled at his long, lapping tongue. The next day, sitting on my lap, reading a book about farm animals, she cried, “big puppy,” tapping a […]

Behind the racing boom: why more people than ever are running

How to rock your first race?

Does your favorite running route feel a little more crowded lately? It’s because more people are running now than ever before. According to Running USA’s State of the Sport report for 2014, the number of Americans who run more than 25 times per year has increased by 60 percent in the past decade alone. A lot of […]

Running with a double stroller: braving the Duallie

Tips for running with a double stroller

The best thing about being pregnant for the second time is you don’t need much. The first kid requires a lot of stuff. However, the majority of it is reusable so there’s no need to break the bank again when you’re expecting number two. With one exception – you’ll need a double running stroller. Most […]

My first race back: July 4th Spectacular 4-miler

First race back after pregnancy

It has been a long time since I ran my heart out. One full year to be exact. I ran the July 4th Spectacular 4-miler in Charlotte, N.C. for the past 5 years. Last year (here’s my 2013 recap of the race) was the last time I truly raced all out because I got pregnant […]