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Tips for running with glasses

Bust through a walking a plateau.

I have a love/hate relationship with contact lenses. When I was in 12th grade, I was chosen as one of the leads for the high school musical. I practiced my lines and learned my solo, but to truly look the part, I’d need to banish my dark frames and try contacts for the first time ever. […]

Why you may need to get fitted for running shoes … again

The distance of your long run: how far should you run?

I had a baby this past spring, and something odd happened when I made my postpartum return to running: the outside of both my feet started hurting. One side was way worse than the other, so I assumed I’d done too much, too soon and got injured. But the root of the problem was even […]

How to keep your hair out of your face when running

How to keep your hair out of your face when running

Over the past decade, I’ve run the gamut when it comes to hairstyles – from super short ‘dos to long hair down to my mid-back. While I may change my look from time to time, one thing remains constant: I always want my hair out of my face and off the nape of my neck […]

Race recap: Laurel Festival 10K (and win)

Race recap: Laurel Festival 10K

I’ve laced up to the start of more than 50 races – big and small – in my lifetime. I’ve come in first in my age group locally and usually fall somewhere in the upper third of runners whenever we’re away from home. So, when I signed up to run the Laurel Festival 10K in my hometown last weekend, I […]

Packing for vacation on the run

are you addicted to running?

Summer is the season for traveling far and wide. It’s also when many of us get to take our walks and runs to new, exotic places. If you’re anything like me, you spend more time worrying about packing your exercise wardrobe than your everyday clothing. And I have definitely driven miles back home after getting […]