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5 workouts to boost motivation

 5 workouts to boost motivationAre you lacking motivation? It can happen to even the best of us for a number of reasons. Anything from healing after injury to training without a goal race and beyond. Sometimes all the doctor ordered is a good, challenging run to get you back on your feet. Here are five short and sweaty workouts to reset your relationship with running.

  1. The timed mile: Head to a track with a watch or a partner. Do a quarter to half mile warmup and then run at maximum speed for the duration of the 1600 meters. Cool down and examine your time. You may be surprisingly speedy, which should give you a nice boost. If you’re far from your past performance, now you have a newfound goal. Try again in a couple weeks after more consistent running to track progress.
  2. Interval ride: A lot of slogging at the same pace can make running feel redundant and even boring. Shake it up by mixing in some bursts of speed or varied terrain. I like fartleks because they are more improvisational, but if you’d rather time your intervals – go for something short. Maybe 400 meters at a fast pace followed by 400 to 800 meters back at your base pace. You can do the same with hills, and even downhill running as benefits.
  3. Crazy hill(s): There’s nothing quite like a steady hill climb to make you feel like a complete rockstar. Create a route that contains several hills or just one really impressive one (think a steep half mile to mile climb). Make it your mission to move up that hill without stopping (whether running the whole way or just putting one foot in front of the other by walking). When you reach to the top, stop and give yourself a pat on the back.
  4. Treadmill 5K: You need not sign up for a race to get your adrenaline and endorphins pumping. Head to your gym (or a friend’s treadmill) and do a quick warmup. Stretch and ready yourself for a 5K distance run as close to race pace as possible. The benefit of speeding along on the treadmill is that you don’t need to watch for traffic or other obstacles. If your motivation pitfall is that you don’t have a goal race, challenge yourself to a monthly 5K and gun for faster each time.
  5. Buddy long run: If running long tends to derail you from your training for its solitary vibe, grab a friend and set the distance to, well, far. If you can find someone to help motivate you to complete your workouts on the regular, you’ll be in good shape – quite literally. (Related: Friends with (Running) Benefits)

Written by Ashley Marcin.