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Embarrassing running problems (and fixes)

Embarrassing things that happen to runners (and fixes to prevent and/or treat them)What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you on the run? If you’re out there pounding the pavement day after day, eventually something is bound to happen to make you blush. Here are some common ones, so we can all share in the embarrassment.

Runs on the run
You get a mile or so into your morning run and – BAM – your digestive system throws you a curveball. Thing is, you’re far from home and in a residential area unable to cope with diarrhea and other issues.
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Chafing and nipple rubs
At the last race I ran, a man breezed across the finish line with a huge smile on his face and two distinct red blotches on his cotton t-shirt. He had some majorly raw, bloody nipple to contend with. Similarly, I have sat cross-legged at the end of a long run in company of my running buddies only to find my inner-thighs nearly bleeding from chafing rash. Ick.
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Nervous pee
So, no judgement, but I have this self-diagnosed issue that only crops up before races. I call it, the “nervous pee”. I cannot stop going to the bathroom before a race. If my bladder feels the slightest bit full, I get all freaked out and uncomfortable. So, if you’re ever looking for me before the start of a race, I’ll be in line. And when I’m done, I hop right back in line until runners are called to the start. Tell me I’m not alone!
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Period troubles
If I know I’ll be getting my period on a long run day or – worse – the day of a race, I worry about how I’ll feel, but also if I’m, well, covered for potential wardrobe malfunctions. Thankfully, I’ve never had a problem, but to avoid issues I always wear dark shorts or pants. I have a friend who doubles up on her protection for heavy flow days.
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Foggy glasses
If you wear glasses on a humid or hot day, they may fog and render you unable to see clearly. Maybe this one isn’t so embarrassing as it is inconvenient and frustrating. Anyway, if you regularly run into this problem, you can apply a soap solution which should do the trick.
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Whether you need to blow a snot rocket or just downright spit, it can feel somewhat mortifying – especially when you can’t stop doing it. The reason behind these excretions may have to do with weather (hot or cold), medications, allergies, sickness, or even dehydration. Where to spit is another issue entirely, but if you’re on your own you should pay attention to the wind and direction so your snot doesn’t land on your shirt or shorts. If you’re running with others, the same rule applies, so you should try to spit out and away to avoid nasty saliva collisions.
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Feeling brave? What’s the most embarrassing thing to happen to you on a run? (We’ve probably all been there!)

Written by Ashley Marcin.