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Walk, jog, run your way to better sex

how running affects your sex life

Whether we walk, jog, or run, getting our blood pumping and body moving is one of the keys to living a longer life – and having better sex.

How exactly do regular workouts like running affect your sex life?

  • It’s training. Sex is a physical activity, and if you’re out of shape, it can be exhausting and nearly impossible to do certain poses. But regular exercise helps improve stamina – so you’re not huffing and puffing excessively during the deed – and increases flexibility so you can get a bit more creative with your positions.
  • It makes us feel good. Running and other exercise can transform self image, according to Dr. Mona Shangold, author of The Complete Sports Medicine Book for Women. While many women reported increased sex drive after starting exercise programs, the heightened testosterone levels that might have been to thank are actually only temporary. Instead, the boost exercise gives to self esteem and confidence is likely at play here.
  • It makes us happier. Individuals who regularly exercise are reportedly happier than their sedentary counterparts. All that moving and shaking improves the mood in some significant ways – running can even be as effective as psychiatric medicines. And happier people tend to have more sex.
  • It can help erectile dysfunction. Men with erectile dysfunction can benefit greatly from an exercise program. Moving the body gets the whole circulatory system going – including down there – and can improve symptoms tremendously. Since being overweight is one possible cause of ED, keeping up with workouts can help with that, too.
  • It gets blood flowing. Let’s not leave out the ladies here. Women also benefit from all this extra blood flowing around. A study taken by researchers at the University of Texas at Austin found women who exercised before sex were aroused more quickly and able to orgasm faster and more intensely than those who did not.

There’s also an added bonus for couples who run together. Brooks Running surveyed 1,000 runners over the age of 18, and 66 percent of respondents revealed they have more sex with their significant others when they run together regularly. (Here are some tips for couples who run together – as well as some for those who can’t.)

Written by Ashley Marcin.