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Preventing and treating blisters

tips for treating and preventing blisters

Of all the parts of the body at play during walking and jogging, the feet take the brunt of the burden. And no matter your foot strike, pronation, or shoe/sock choice, most of us get blisters from time to time. If not treated promptly and properly, blisters can become a much bigger issue in the […]

How to transition from running to a triathlon

If you’ve been running road races for awhile, sooner or later you may feel the itch. The urge for something more. Some of us turn to trail running, others go for longer distances, and several runners consider tackling a new (albeit very related) sport – the triathlon. Given your base, you’re in a unique situation. […]

Early morning runs: what and when to eat

pre run breakfast for runners

My alarm goes off at 5 a.m. on days that I run. I have a very strict routine until the moment I head out the door, and don’t have a minute to spare. I don’t have enough time to make a hearty breakfast, and certainly don’t have ample time to digest it. Most other early […]

Walk, jog, run your way to better sex

how running affects your sex life

Whether we walk, jog, or run, getting our blood pumping and body moving is one of the keys to living a longer life – and having better sex. How exactly do regular workouts like running affect your sex life? It’s training. Sex is a physical activity, and if you’re out of shape, it can be exhausting […]

Quick breakfast tip: smoothie cubes

Smoothie cubes are a quick breakfast solution for on-the-go runners. Learn how to make them.

Smoothies are a great breakfast — they’re easy to take on the go and you can pack a lot nutrition in one glass. But it’s not always easy to get all the ingredients prepped, blended, and cleaned up first thing in the morning. That’s where smoothie cubes can come in handy. While you can buy frozen smoothie packets and similar […]

A CrossFit introduction for runners

A crossfit introduction for runners

In the last year, it finally happened. That CrossFit phenomenon I had observed from a safe distance took grasp of my hometown. It reached its muscular arms around my community and sprouted spirited boxes filled with enthusiastic people looking for intense, challenging workouts. A whole new breed of athletes emerged. Just as hot yoga and […]

Recipe: healthy blueberry muffins with flax meal and Greek yogurt

Healthy breakfast recipe for on-the-go runner: blueberry muffin

This past Monday, we gushed about blueberries and the plethora of health benefits they offer runners. And since August is peak blueberry season, chances are you have a cup or two in your kitchen waiting to be used up. If not, go grab a pint or two from your nearest store before it’s too late! These […]

9 ways to look better in race photos

9 ways to look better in those race photos

A couple of years ago, I had a race go perfectly. I crushed my time goal, ran negative splits, and pushed so hard in the final mile that I literally couldn’t feel my legs. I was so proud of my new half marathon PR. When I received that “click here to see your race photos” […]

TRX suspension training review

TRX training

As a runner, I consider myself to be in pretty good shape. So, when a friend told me I had to try TRX (total body resistance) suspension training, I wasn’t exactly quick to register for a class. Not because I was scared. Rather because I didn’t want to “waste” an hour of my precious time if […]

Why runners need good balance

Why runners need good balance (and how to get it)

When you think about the assets that a make a well-rounded runner, good balance may be at the bottom of the list — if it’s on the list at all. However, balance is an essential part of running, as we spend the majority of our time landing on one foot before quickly pushing off the other. Running on paved, even surfaces […]