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Protect yourself from an aggressive dog on the run

As a dog lover, I don’t like to think about our furry friends in a negative way. (And we here at WalkJogRun are also huge fans of dogs.) But the truth is dogs are animals, and animals protect themselves when they feel threatened. Most runners can recall a scary moment when a dog chased or […]

Study: health benefits of running only 6 miles/week

You don't need to run a marathon to get the benefits of running. Simply running 6/week is enough to see a difference.

In an age where it seems like everyone on your Facebook feed is completing marathons and Ironman triathlons, a new study comes with good news for those of us who don’t have the time, energy, or desire to train for long distance events. You don’t have to run a marathon In the study published in […]

Embarrassing running problems (and fixes)

Embarrassing things that happen to runners (and fixes to prevent and/or treat them)

What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you on the run? If you’re out there pounding the pavement day after day, eventually something is bound to happen to make you blush. Here are some common ones, so we can all share in the embarrassment. Runs on the run You get a mile or […]

Fruit Spotlight: Blueberries

Fruit spotlight: blueberries. Health benefits of this powerful fruit and blueberry recipes.

Blueberries are in-season now and ripe for the picking. Not only are these bite-sized fruits delicious to eat, but they’re also packed with good-for-you antioxidants and anti-inflammatory power that runners need to keep their bodies happy. It’s no wonder Americans went from eating 283 million pounds annually in 1995 to over more than million pounds […]

Tracking your training: running log options

Skipping the big race for the local race

One of the coolest things about being a runner is being able to see how far you’ve come over the years. I’ve kept a training log since training for my first half marathon back in ’06. After a bad race or during a lull in training, I crack open my first running journal – a […]

Self massage techniques for athletes


Aches and pains. Even if you’re a seasoned runner or walker, you get them. And they can completely ruin your day. Massage – specifically deep tissue or sports massage – can help, but heading to your local spa or wherever else that offers these services can be costly. So, between sessions with licensed therapists, consider trying out […]

Recipe: cucumber and green onion salad

Healthy summer salad recipe: cucumber vinegar green onion salad

Summer dishes are all about being quick and no-fuss. If they don’t require an oven, all the better. That’s why I love simple summer salads like potato salad and chickpea salad. But sometimes you want something really refreshing and super light. That’s where the wonderful cucumber comes into play. We just talked about the benefits […]

Marathon training and sleep needs

Tired? 8 quick ways to boost your energy TODAY

Tempo runs, track workouts, long runs – check! Race registration – complete! Shiny, new running shoes – purchased! But when getting everything in order for race day, don’t neglect one vital training tool: sleep. Why you need to catch your zzz’s I don’t think we need to argue why sleep is important – everyone knows […]

Women’s running: running challenges during your menstrual cycle

Women's running: running during your menstrual cycle

For many women, running during our period is difficult. We feel bloated, zapped of energy, and may have painful cramp – especially in the early days of our cycle. All of these symptoms pile up and don’t make us feel much like running at all. But we need look no further than at Uta Pippig‘s 1996 Boston Marathon […]

Build a quick pasta dish: food for runners


It goes something like this: You get up, work all day, get home, try to squeeze in a run, and then go to bed. In there somewhere, you need to eat. You need this food not just to stay full of tasty flavors. No, athletes need their food as fuel. So, it’s critical to have […]