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How long should your longest run of marathon training be?

The distance of your long run: how far should you run?

Whether you’re training for your first marathon or your 10th, the weekly long run likely comes with a lot of angst. How fast should you run your long runs? How many long runs should you do? And, finally, how long should your longest run be? Most conventional marathon training plans call for peaking with a […]

Runner’s Column: Why I still run

A mother shares how running helped her return to feeling like herself - and making her life full - after children.

Most of them tell me that I’m crazy. I smile and shrug. But then there are the comments that sting. “Your kids are only this young once. Why are you wasting your precious energy and time training for a marathon?” Something strange happens as soon as you have a child. You become “mom”. This is […]

8 desk-friendly workouts to combat sitting disease

Workouts you can do while sitting at your desk.

Do you sit at a desk all day? Yeah. You’re in good company. Unfortunately, staying stationary for weeks on end can be a recipe for disaster when it comes to working out later in the day. Americans spend as much as 7.7 hours sitting each day. That’s 55 percent of the waking day spent sitting. […]

Helping end hunger across America: RUN 10 FEED 10 (podcast)

women's health action hero

Women’s Health Action Hero Alexis Demirjian shares her passion and commitment to ending hunger across America through the magazine’s annual RUN 10 FEED 10 initiative, and talks about what inspires her to run and lead a healthy life. Listen to the full podcast below or click here for the direct link.

Common fall exercise problems: solved

common fall running problems

Now that we’re just a few short days away from official fall, some autumn-specific issues are cropping up all at once. It’s below 40 degrees in the morning and super dark. My allergies are kicking up a notch with all the yellow ragweed in bloom everywhere. And did I mention the wind? Thankfully, we at […]

Headaches from running: causes and treatments

headache from running

Settling on a training plan, making travel arrangements for destination races, and just fitting runs into our busy schedules – it’s normal for running to make our heads spin from time to time. However, if running actually gives you a headache that’s a cause for concern. For most runners, running eases headaches and other pains […]

Fall superfoods and healthy recipes

10 fall superfoods and recipes for runners

The other day, I came across 15 superfoods for fall, and it struck me all walkers and runners should add these ingredients to their shopping lists. Here are my 10 favorite foods from the list, as well as some tasty recipes combining these powerful ingredients. Note: we’ve covered nutritional information about some of these foods in the past, […]

10 ways to stay safe on early morning runs

running at night

“The early bird gets the worm.” I’ve always subscribed to this theory. I love running in the morning because I have fewer excuses at 6 a.m that will cause me to skip my run. But there is one big reason that used to stop me from running first thing in the morning: it’s dark. Running […]

6 tips for racing in a costume

6 tips for running costume

Whether it’s a race on Halloween weekend, an 80’s or superhero-themed fun run, or an event in a theme park, you may be tempted to swap your regular running gear for a fun costume. Racing in costume is a great way to add extra flair to your race day experience. Costumes are fantastic conversation starters […]

Clean your stinky exercise clothes – naturally

I stopped buying brand name detergents about a year ago. At first, I made my own laundry detergent purely to save money. Then, I got hooked. Over time, I learned more about the chemical ingredients that go into most conventional laundry detergent mixes and had some serious concerns from a health and environmental standpoint. The […]