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Sightseeing on the run: an active way to explore new places

go-running-toursNo matter where your vacation takes you consider participating in the growing trend of sight-running or sight-jogging. Sight-running lets you explore a city on foot while also getting your workout in, with little effort and minimal planning. Many companies across the globe offer these services but the basics are generally the same.

How it works

  1. Find a running tour group in the city you’ll be visiting, we’ve listed a few below to get you started.
  2. Sign up for a personalized tour or group tour on a designated day of your trip.
  3. Personalized tours allow you to set the pace and the general duration of your run. Group tours will usually set the pace and distance of the run for you. But don’t worry there are usually plenty of stops as you take in the views.
  4. On the day of your tour, you will be lead on a route through the city, stopping at points of interest along the way.
  5. Often tour guides will give the history of particular areas throughout your run or sights of interest.
  6. Many guides also bring along cameras and will snap shots of you through the tour and send you the photos after the run, so you can concentrate on running and seeing.
  7. Costs range from approximately $30-$100 depending on the type of tour you choose.

Sight-running/Sight-jogging companies

  • City Running Tours: City Running Tours offers tours in many major U.S. metros. With a simple, straightforward website it’s easy to book a running tour in minutes.
  • Go Running Tours: Go Running Tours is an aggregate network of running tour companies throughout the world. They help connect you with passionate and enthusiastic running companies who will conduct a tour in the city of your choice.
  • Paris Running Tour: If Paris happens to be on your list of fall travel, like it is mine, consider the Paris Running Tour. These tours tend to be a little bit more expensive then those in the states but when in Rome Paris. Tours will take you through historic sights such as the Left Bank, the Louvre, and along the Seine.

Written bLisa Chase / Photo Go Running Tours