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DIY energy drinks, gels, and bars

Make your own energy drinks, gels, and runnersI have this thing for making everything from scratch. I get so much satisfaction from figuring out store-made concoctions at home or creating my own mixes that are all-natural alternatives. So, I am excited to share with you some new sport bars, drinks, and gels I’ve come across in the last several months.


Cranberry-Almond Energy Bars
These gluten-free bars are made with healthy, wholesome ingredients that pack quite a punch when it comes to your energy levels. And feel free to substitute raisins or other dried fruit for cranberries or peanuts for almonds, etc.

Chocolate Superfood Bars
This protein-rich mix is a bit more complex, but it”s definitely worth trying if you want a store-like bar at home. Don’t worry if you don’t have all the ingredients – like maca or mesquite powder – those are optional for taste and additional nutrition.

Better Power Bars
This tasty bar recipe includes crisp rice cereal for a nice crunch. If you’d like to make them vegan, substitute agave or maple syrup in for the honey. Otherwise, feel free to play around with the add-ins, just keep like ingredients in the same ratios for best results.


Adaptogenic Drink
Adapto-what? Basically, this awesome recipe helps you body adapt to the stress of exercise through its unique mix of ingredients. Mix together raw honey, sea salt, tulsi tea, and trace minerals (optional, but recommended).

Banana Chocolate Smoothie
Like (vegan) chocolate milk on steroids – this recovery drink has all the nutrition your body needs to replenish and repair. Doesn’t hurt that it combines three of my favorite flavors – chocolate and banana.

Yummy Chia
We’ve gone over chia fresca before. If you’re a big skeptical or squeamish, try this method, which uses your favorite 100 percent juice versus water. You’ll still get all the benefits from the chia seeds with just a little extra flavor to help deal with the texture.


Endurance Gel
The contents of this energy gel bag might not look appetizing at first, but I’d much rather consume them than what’s in store versions. What exactly is in there? Dates, coconut oil, maple syrup, and sea salt. Simple!

Fudge Gel
Again, this looks sort of gross – but it’s the taste and performance that counts. Combine rice syrup, carob powder, and sea salt for this fudge-like gel that will keep you running strong.

Vegan Chews
If you’re like me and prefer a little something different mid-run, try this vegan, gluten-free chia seed chew recipe. This recipe makes an impressive 100 cubes. Since a serving is just 4 cubes, feel free to reduce the recipe.


Written by Ashley Marcin.