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Transitional running gear: summer to fall

Transitional gear for summer to fallSummer may be “unofficially” over but for many of us there are still plenty of hot and humid days ahead – mixed amongst the chillier fall mornings. Dressing for runs can be confusing, which is why it helps to have several transitional pieces in your running wardrobe.

Here are some picks for summer-to-fall running clothes that can help bridge the seasonal gap.

  • Arm sleeves: September days tend to start out quite chilly and warm up fast. So, that 7 a.m. long run that began brisk can turn boiling in a mere hour. Arm sleeves are perfect for taking off the chill and then rolling down and discretely away when the sun starts baking. I also like wearing arm sleeves at the start of races when I tend to go with less clothing but need an extra layer while waiting for the gun to go off.
  • Crops: As summer comes to a close,  switch out shorts out for cropped leggings. You can find them in a variety of fabrics, but stick with light- or mid-weight to account for weather that’s in-between seasons. Since crops are sort of a gal thing, men can choose long compression shorts for a similar experience.
  • Tech long sleeve: A long-sleeved tech fabric shirt is a must-have for fall. You can wear it with the sleeves rolled up on mild days and then layer it with a vest or light jacket when the temps start to plunge. Be choosy with your fabric. You want something that can do double-duty, so not too thick or too thin. I especially like tech shirts that have zippers in the front for extra ventilation or warmth, depending on the day.
  • Brimmed hat: As we transition into fall, baseball caps can protect you from falling leaves (and other tree debris) as well as stray branches (they get tricker to see with no leaves).
  • Reflective vest:  Regardless of the temperature, the sun will be visiting us for shorter periods of time from here on out. Start practicing good running safety now – before it’s really dark – by wearing bright, visible layers if you run in the early morning or late evenings. You can layer a reflective vest over a simple t-shirt or even a thick running jacket for year-round protection.

Written by Ashley Marcin.

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