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Common fall exercise problems: solved

common fall running problemsNow that we’re just a few short days away from official fall, some autumn-specific issues are cropping up all at once. It’s below 40 degrees in the morning and super dark. My allergies are kicking up a notch with all the yellow ragweed in bloom everywhere. And did I mention the wind?

Thankfully, we at WalkJogRun have you covered with solutions for problems both big and small. Before you know it, the transition will be over and you’ll be up and running with confidence.

Windy days. I don’t know why, but it seems like fall brings on its own breed of blowing weather. The good news: Running In The Wind doesn’t need to set you back. In fact, the extra resistance can do wonders for your stamina and speed. Consider wearing sunglasses to avoid getting debris in your eyes. And if it truly gets too tough, there’s always the treadmill.

Dark mornings and evenings. The sun is out for fewer hours starting, well, weeks ago. It will only continue to get darker from here on out. We’ve shed some light on running in the dark in the past, so consider the following before you get too frustrated. You can always swap your run time and sneak it in during lunch, go slower to acclimate to different visibility, meet up with a buddy for safety in numbers, and check out your usual routes to make sure there’s adequate lighting. And always wear bright safety gear so motorists can see you.

Wardrobe malfunctions. One of my biggest beefs is knowing what to wear in this weird weather. It’s freezing at dawn and warms up fast in the morning sun. Here are some Transitional Running Pieces to get you from summer to fall in comfort. I’ll also add a nice, fleeze vest to this list as we get into later fall. It’s my favorite layer to wear throughout fall and winter.

Location indecision. If the dark and beginning deep freeze are just too much, walkers have a lot of options beyond the treadmill for where to exercise. Here’s a great list for Where To Take Your Walk, including places like the mall, high school hallways, big box stores, indoor tracks, and even your living room. That’s right: You don’t even need to leave home!

Time crunch. With summer over, life is plain busier in fall. Don’t let your excuses sabotage your exercise program. Here are some smart Tips For Fitting In Running when you feel you have too little time. Some proactive scheduling, for example, can go a long way toward finding a stray half hour to get moving. And when all else fails, you can always wake up earlier.

Sneezing and wheezing. I wake up each morning in a mucus-filled haze. This time of year is the absolute worst for my allergies between ragweed and all other fall-rific irritants. Here’s how to Battle Your Allergies On The Run. A lot has to do with timing and paying attention to particularly difficult days. The rest is damage control. A shower immediately after running can help ease some symptoms. You can also ask your doctor about which allergy over-the-counter medicine might work the best for you.

Written by Ashley Marcin.