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The adult fitness test: how do you measure up?

Blood tests for runners: are there benefits?

I think many of us were subjected to the Presidential Fitness Tests starting from grade school on up. We’d do the sit-and-reach test, the pull-up count, the shuttle run, and even the dreaded mile. OK. If you can’t tell already, I wasn’t particularly athletic in school. Instead, I spent my hours in the band practice […]

4 reasons long runs go bad

4 reasons long runs go bad

When I’m headed out for a long run, there’s one item I won’t leave home without: my phone. And not just because I need to use the WalkJogRun app. I always carry my phone because I may bonk, get heat exhaustion, cramp up, or run out of fuel and need to call my husband to […]

Don’t be too busy to run: tips for fitting it all in this fall

How not to be "too busy" to run: fitting in running when times get hectic

The lazy days of summer are nearly over. School has started back up. Lives feel more hectic and busy, and daylight hours are continually shrinking. Here are some tips for those of us with to-do lists a mile long and those who need a little extra prodding. Wake-up earlier Setting your alarm clock an hour earlier […]

Take your running up a notch this fall

Take your running up a notch

Summer vacations are over and the kids are back in school. A sense of normalcy has returned, and many of us are eager to get back into our running routines as well. But why not kick your old running routine up a notch? Thanks to cooler temperatures, fall is the perfect time to take your […]

Childcare options during races

Childcare options during races

One of the things I love most about my husband is he loves to run and race as much as I do. In our 20s, we spent many weekends at road races and triathlons. We usually participated in the same races. It was a lot of fun having someone to “train” with – we didn’t […]

Running on a budget, part II

Running on a budget, part 2

My very first article for this blog was all about running on a budget. Well, it’s been more than a year – and I have even more tips for you frugally minded walkers and runners. The best thing about our sport is that we can do it pretty much anywhere, any time, and with minimal equipment. Still, the […]

How to get in hill shape when you live somewhere flat

What I learned from *only* running for a few months

I’m training for the New York City Marathon. Every NYCM veteran I’ve talked to has given me the same advice “make sure you do hill workouts”. This response always makes me chuckle. I live in the upstate of South Carolina and it’s nearly impossible for me to go out for a run without encountering a […]

Mental tricks for the long run

Don't quit on your goals

You’ve heard it many times before: Running is as much as mental sport as it is physical. When you get into running those longer than long runs, you understand this phrase a whole lot better. Regardless the workout, there are some mind-tricks that can help make the time go by faster. But what about those double-digits runs? […]

Train like a cross country star

Train like a cross-country: workouts

I traveled back to my hometown earlier this summer and wound up on my high school track one morning. I had 800m repeats on the docket as part of my training for the New York City Marathon. But as soon as I stepped on the track, I heard my old coach’s voice telling me to […]

Solving problems on the run: how running helps you think

Secrets of consistent runners

I don’t know about you, but running is my secret weapon for more than just physical health and wellness. Running helps sort out ideas in my head and come up with new ideas. It allows me to de-stress and cool off from all the things running through my brain. In other words: Running helps me […]