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7 awesome (and cheap) foot soaks for athletes

7 awesome foot soaks for athletes

Are your feet achey and tired? There’s something incredibly easy you can do about it: soak your feet.

A good foot soak can melt away discomfort, ease skin issues like blisters, and even relax your entire body. The following frugal at-home soaks will help your feet heal today for a happier run tomorrow.

  1. Peppermint soak. This peppermint soak soothes, refreshes, and revives your tired feet using Epsom salts, and peppermint essential oils. I’d skip the optional food coloring since there aren’t any medicinal benefits and you could accidentally tint your feet green in the process.
  2. Listerine soak. The thought of combining the specific ingredients for this listerine and vinegar Soak doesn’t exactly sound appealing. Still, the author claims the weird combination will result in softer soles and less dead skin. I’ll try anything once! Heed the caution about blue Listerine to avoid dying your feet.
  3. ACV soak. Get rid of stinky feet with this apple cider vinegar soak. It fights sweat and bacteria, the two common culprits for stench, and it also softens cracked skin. Sounds like a win-win to me! The vinegar in both of the last two recipes may even help heal up Athletes Foot. (more on apple cider vinegar)
  4. Citrus soak. Consider making a big batch of this citrus foot soak to give to your running buddy friends for the holidays this year. Just combine Epsom salt, baking soda, an orange tea bag, and a few drops of orange essential oil. Put in glass containers and scoop 2 tablespoons into a basin of hot water.
  5. Herbal soak. If you can’t decide on a scent, try this herbal foot soak, which combines the best of all the soothing herbs. With eucalyptus, mint, lavender, and rosemary essential oils, you’ll surely relax your feet and your senses at the same time.
  6. Ginger soak. This energizing ginger and green tea soak works great because ginger is known to help absorb odors and sweat. I also just love how it smells. Green tea? Why not! While you’re at it, sip a mug for the antioxidant benefits.
  7. Cucumber soak. My favorite local spa does a beautiful version of this cucumber foot mask, and I just can’t get enough. Since I can’t afford to go to the spa every day, I make it at home. I opt to soak my feet in warm water for a while after versus rinsing for extra soothing.

Oh – and while you’re soaking those puppies – why not try some self-massage techniques for athletes? You can get all sorts of benefits from taking a little extra time to work out kinks and other minor issues before they turn big. Better yet, try taking a yoga class at the gym/studio (or in your living room) before soaking your feet for a wonderful day of active rest and recovery.

Written by Ashley Marcin.