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Free cross-training workouts for runners

Free cross-training workouts for runnersIf you don’t want to join the gym, here are a few free cross-training workouts to supplement your running (because we all know cross-training is very important for runners, right?):

Strength training for performance
Coach Kozak presents a simple, quick (4 minutes) strength training routine that runners can perform using simple dumbbells. He advises runners to skip the target-by-day strength stuff and – instead – focus on workouts that can get a total impact. Perform this workout just 2 days a week, and you should see some results with muscle balance.

Lower body workout
If you’re looking for a solid circuit workout, this quick runners routine is for you. Grab a light set of dumbbells – the rest uses your own body weight. The moves focus on your lower half to promote long, lean muscles and bring some variation into your training. Perform 3 to 5 times total.

Core routine
Coach Jay Johnson leads runners through over 10 minutes of targeted ab/core moves in this video. As you can tell by the title, this is workout “H” so browse through the rest of the channel to get the rest of the workouts in the sequence, along with a bunch of other

Yoga for runners
After your run, or just once or twice a week, try Ekhart Yoga’s 20-minute yoga exercise that stretches and strengthens your entire physique. Having performed this routine myself, I assure that you even novice yogis will find these moves relaxing and challenging all at the same time.

HIIT toning workout
This 33-minute high intensity interval workout by Fitness Blender is awesome. And the best part: There’s absolutely no equipment required. If you’ve never done a burpee before, get ready to become acquainted with them. If you’re an old pro, try adding in a pushup you when hit your plank.

Ankle strength
Don’t forget those little muscles, too. Our ankles support us through countless miles — so try this exercise to strengthen them. You’ll need a light to medium resistance band. Otherwise, just do the 4 moves to help keep yourself injury-free!

Upper body work
This upper body workout is designed specifically for runners. You’ll need a toner, which is basically a braided resistance band, but otherwise it uses just body weight. We runners too often neglect our upper body when the training gets tough, but paying attention to those muscles will help keep your posture strong and back problems at bay.

Foam rolling
If you have a foam roller and don’t quite know what to do with it, check out this foam rolling routine. It’s intended to help you relax and restore your muscles after your usual runs. I’ll definitely be doing this one soon since my IT-bands have started acting up again.

Written by Ashley Marcin.