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10 Halloween costume ideas for runners

10 running-themed costumesLooking for a Halloween costume idea? The following getups are sure to please your athletic spirit and win you some points with your runner friends.

  1. Prefontaine: Channel your inner 1970s Olympian and dress like Steve Prefontaine this Halloween. You’ll need to don a mustache and sideburns, a shaggy blonde wig, and a team USA shirt with track jacket. Optional: Warm up for your night out by running 5,000 meters at 13:21.87, Pre’s record at the distance.
  2. Kathrine Switzer: Honor the first female to run Boston and slip into a pair of sweats with Kathrine Switzer’s number of  261. To make this one a couple’s costume, have your partner dress as a Boston Marathon official and tackle you all night like back during the 1967 race.
  3. Usain Bolt: A Usain Bolt costume is all about attitude. Along with wearing classic Jamacian colored track shorts and a shirt, you’ll want to strike a victorious pose every now and again. After all, you’ve set the world record for the 100 meters in 9.58.
  4. Kara Goucher: If you’re crunched for time, a Kara Goucher costume is simplicity at its best. Tie your hair in a ponytail, find your cutest sports bra and tight shorts, and draw on a 6-pack. You can also carry around your baby to show everyone how badass mama runners can be.
  5. Pacer: If you’ve ever wanted to lead the pack to the finish – now’s your chance to dress like a pacer. Slap on your regular running garb and find one of those handy pace bracelets (you can print one out here). Wear a watch and carry a sign displaying your intended pace.
  6. Forrest Gump: Recreate Forrest Gump’s epic trek across America for your big night out. This costume is sort of like Pre’s, except you’ll need to invoke many months on the road by wearing a full beard, dirty clothes and a baseball hat, and a dumbfounded expression. Your phrase: “I just felt like running.”
  7. Portable Toilet: We’re all incredibly familiar with them, so why not pay homage to the humble Porta John this Halloween? You’ll construct the walls using cardboard, paint it whatever color you choose. Unfortunately, once it’s on you’ll probably wish you had an easier way to use the restroom at your party.
  8. Ultra Runner: There’s not exact science to an Ultra Marathon Runner costume, but you need to be prepared for anything you might encounter on your path. Wear a hydration backpack and sunglasses, carry water bottles and fuel, register for this year’s Badwater 135-mile race (or not), and be sure to find one of those ultra-cover hats.
  9. Fuel: If you’re more into pre- and post-run fueling, dress like a banana or a bagel. Maybe a pack of goo or energy bar. I personally enjoy this DIY Gatorade Costume. Hydration is super important, and you’ll be sure to remind everyone.
  10. Yourself: Last, but not least – you can always celebrate yourself and your accomplishments. Dress all in black and pin all your past race numbers on yourself. Dangle your race metals from your neck. You earned them, so why not parade them around and boast a little.

Written by Jen Matz / Photo Creative Commons Image

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