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Ten 10-minute cross-training workouts

10-minute cross-training workouts for runnersWant to up your game when it comes to cross-training? Make it easier on yourself by adding it in small spurts. Just 10 minutes of added exercise on top of your regular regimen can make a huge difference when you consider that it can add more than an hour targeted activity each week.

Here are 10 short and sweet workouts:

  1. Total Body Blast: Is it possible to work your entire body in just 10 minutes? Yup. This Total Body Blast by BeFiT GO requires only a yoga mat and a pair of dumbbells. You’ll jog in place and do some other cardio, but the real meat for runners is the jumping, bodyweight work (like pushups), strength component, and more.
  2. Pilates Cinch: This 10-Minute Pilates Ab workout is sure to challenge you, especially if you shy away from any core work. The moves are basic, so even if you’ve never done a Pilates class before, you’ll be able to follow along.
  3. Core Burn: Want more? This 10-Minute Core Workout is branded for ultra runners, but all runners can benefit. You start with the classic plank moving to side plank and then different leg lifts to make it more challenging.
  4. Yoga Flow: My favorite yoga routine is this 10-minute Flow Sequence shown by Paula Lay of Yoga in Melbourne. As with any yoga pose, your form is more important than getting the deepest possible stretch. So take your time and hold good posture throughout these moves.
  5. Squat Challenge: Here’s a tough one: Try this 100 Squat Challenge by Fitness Blender and see how your next run feels. Don’t worry, you won’t get bored. There are 10 different squat variations. Since you need to keep your leg power for those tougher workouts, try doing this one after an easy run and before a rest day.
  6. Arm Warrior: The Lean Machines will lead you through a 10-Minute Arm Workout that requires only a small set of dumbbells (you can also use cans of beans or anything else you might have around the house). You’ll do a series of bicep curls, side raises, various other moves, and even a dragon press.
  7. Kickboxing Blast: Have you ever wanted to try kickboxing? Now’s your chance with this mini-workout that’s perfect for sneaking in between late night TV shows.
  8. Body Toning: This 10-Minute Toning Workout via POPSUGAR can be completed entirely without weights. You’ll get some extra toning power that will ultimately help you run stronger with less muscle fatigue in your upper and lower body.
  9. Barre Body: Ballet-style workouts are excellent for runners, and this 10-minute quickie gets some graceful moves in that are intended to stretch and strengthen your entire body.
  10. Kettlebell Swing: My favorite piece of at-home fitness equipment has to be my kettlebell. In this 10-minute workout, you’ll do 10 different intervals for 40 seconds on and 20 seconds off. If you don’t own a kettlebell you can also use a hand weight in a pinch.

Written by Ashley Marcin.