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The perks of running solo

There are countless benefits to running with others. You have someone to hold you accountable when you feel like blowing off your run, motivate you when you stop falling off pace, learn from since there are so many ways to approach training, and entertain and distract you with good conversation. However, running with a buddy […]

Step away from the TV: 7 ways to be more active when you’re not working out

7 ways to be more active when you're not working out

Sure, you walk and run for an hour or so of exercise each day. But what about those hours you aren’t on the trail or at the gym? Many of us are sedentary. And it’s not entirely our fault either. We’re certainly part of a culture that promotes sitting at work all day and sitting […]

Are you addicted to running?

are you addicted to running?

We’ve all gotten ragged on by our non-runner friends, “you’re still running? You run how far? What’s wrong with you? It sounds like you’re addicted to those endorphins.” While comments like these are usually said in jest, it is possible to become addicted to running. Exercise addiction is no laughing matter, though. It’s just as […]

Race ready: 10 tips to rock your first race

How to rock your first race?

There’s nothing quite like your first race – all those weeks spent training for a new challenge, the anticipation of crossing the finish line, and the nerves about the experience itself. But don’t let stress get the best of you and overshadow your race day excitement. These tips can ensure you’re ready for the big event: […]

All about barre for runners

Barre workouts for runners: photo by Quinn Dombrowski

Looking for a new, fresh cross-training routine? You could try roaming the streets and dance-walking for exercise. Or perhaps you’d rather try something a little more formal. Barre or The Bar Method or Xtend Barre (the names are different depending on the studio) is a new type of ballet-inspired routine that has popped up in cities […]

Pre-run breakfasts to please every palate

Fuel yourself with homemade (healthy) bagel sandwiches.

Have you ever set off on a run only to discover a half mile in that you totally didn’t eat enough to fuel yourself? It happens to me — a lot. Especially on those early morning runs when I feel too groggy to whip up something small in the kitchen. It’s the worst on race […]

It’s over! When it’s time to break up with your running shoes.

Find out when it’s time to break up with your running shoes.

Dearest sole mate, You’re toxic. Sorry to be so blunt, but have you seen yourself lately? You’re all worn out and knotted up. You lack support and structure. You rub me in all the wrong ways. And I’m not going to take it anymore. P.S. I’m seeing a newer model! Remember the last time you bought new […]

Are your runs giving you the runs? Your GI problems action plan

Dealing with GI problems on the run

You’re cruising along and feeling strong when suddenly you have to “go” stat and there’s no bathroom in sight. Or worse, maybe you’re in the middle of a race, on pace to PR, when you feel that uncomfortable rumbling in your stomach. We’ve all been there at least once. There are few things more aggravating […]

7 awesome (and cheap) foot soaks for athletes

7 awesome foot soaks for athletes

Are your feet achey and tired? There’s something incredibly easy you can do about it: soak your feet. A good foot soak can melt away discomfort, ease skin issues like blisters, and even relax your entire body. The following frugal at-home soaks will help your feet heal today for a happier run tomorrow. Peppermint soak. This […]