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10 ways to show off your race bling

A Mile 22 Bag made from race bibs.

Do you have tons of race medals and bibs collecting dust in your closet? The easy thing to do is plop them all in a memory box, but where’s the fun in that? We runners like to showcase our achievements, whether it’s running a particularly long distance or smashing a PR. So, check out these ideas for how to display and honor all your hard work.

  1. Turn them into magnets. Clip the actual medal portion off the ribbon and stick the back with some magnetic tape (or small round magnets with super glue) for DIY refrigerator bling. You could also stick these puppies on a file cabinet at your desk or wherever else you feel like boasting.
  2. Decorate your tree. Seriously. If your family is big on running, consider a race medal Christmas tree this year. If you’d rather not get so decked out, you can also turn your medals into homemade ornaments by double looping the ribbon and tying a knot.
  3. Fashion a display. You can easily find medal displays on sites like Etsy, but why not try making your own? This DIY Race Bib and Medal Display is nothing more than a wooden plaque with hooks and some chalkboard paint. Plus, making it yourself means you can custom design to fit your needs.
  4. Repurpose a crib. OK. There are tons of ways to display medals. One of the coolest projects I ran into was using an old crib rail to hang them on. I’m in love with the end result and can’t wait to do this project in my house. Good thing we just transitioned our preschooler to her big girl bed.
  5. Craft your own. We like doing smaller races. The benefits are many for this way of racing, however – we don’t have a lot of medals as a result. I love this idea to make your own medals  – maybe a project worth reserving for a PR or particularly good day when you don’t have anything to show for it? (This craft would also be super fun for kids to make.)
  6. Make coasters. My husband runs a lot of races and enjoys craft beer. So, I’m thinking of making him some of these simple bib coasters to stuff his stocking this year. You’ll need to make a copy of your bib – the rest of the supplies include 4×4 tiles, Mod Podge, and rubber feet or felt pads for underneath. Easy!
  7. Frame them. You can go with a whole wall display or frame race bibs for a cleaner look. The process is simple, just use some of that tacky stuff or pins or whatever you prefer to stick stuff on the walls with. To frame, purchase an inexpensive large frame at a store like Target, then use the sheet on the inside as a backing and arrange your bibs using tape. Insert into the frame and hang.
  8. Organize them If you’d rather not display, try this ingenious way to organize your bibs all in one place by using a binder and plastic protector sheets made by BibFolio. Put your bibs in chronological order or divide by race distance. Make remarks about your finish time, the weather that day, and anything else that’s worth noting. I think you could also DIY this project by getting some wood, drilling a couple holes, and using rings.
  9. Morph them into bags. This concept is mega-cool. Get your race bibs turned into bags! A company called Mile 22 does just that (pictured above). You send in your bibs, pick your style, and wait. I’ll admit the prices are a bit steep, so if you’re creative, you can also try the DIY version at home for a fraction of the price.
  10. Dedicate a wall. If you can’t decide between projects, make them all. Then dedicate an entire wall to your accomplishments. Install shelving for any trophies, hang medals at the ceiling level, and frame those bibs to fill out the rest. This idea would work great in an office or home gym. And it can be quite an inspiration zone.

Written by Ashley Marcin / Photo Mile 22 Bag