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The running week in review: November 14, 2014

The running week in review: november 14, 2014Ed. Note: From the latest scientific breakthroughs in training to facts about your favorite elite runners and races, there are a plethora of running headlines each and every week. In our new series, we’ll recap the top running-related articles we stumbled upon in the past week (or so) and ask you to share what you’re reading in the comments below and on Facebook.

  1. Chickamauga Marathon Winner Disqualified for Impossible Splits (via Runner’s World): Tabatha Hamilton, 31, of Trenton, Ga., won the women’s race for the Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon in the most peculiar way. Race officials timed the first half of her marathon in a respectable 2:06:51, and her second half in a blistering 47:30, giving her an overall finish time of 2:54:21. Her overall (and female winning) pace was 6:39. Look fishy to you? Yeah. Just wait until you read Hamilton’s defense!
  2. Kenyan Marathon Champion Hit With Doping Allegations (via Public Radio International): Rita Jeptoo is the reigning women’s champion in Boston, where she sprinted across the finish line in record time last April. She’s also won the Chicago Marathon twice and is a solid competitor around the world. Now? She has tested positive for EPO, the same banned blood-booster Lance Armstrong used in the Tour de France.
  3. The Iron-Rich Diet Secret of Ethiopian Runners (via Competitor): By now, we know we don’t need to eat meat to get plenty of iron, and this articles, which focuses on the iron-rich grain found in Ethiopia called “teff”reiterates that fact – and brings it to the next level.
  4. How Fast Do Celebrities Run the NYC Marathon? (via Vocativ) Check out this list of celebrity runners and their recorded performances in the New York City Marathon throughout the years. How do you stack up to, say, A.C. Slater or Joey from Dawson’s Creek? And we’re particularly impressed by Natalie Morales’ time.
  5. Record Depth for U.S. Women Marathoners (via Running Times): The year 2014 has seen the most sub-2:35 marathons ever for U.S. women, and that’s something to celebrate. Eighteen American women have broken the barrier so far this year. Coaches credit “financial incentives, better coaching, and a psychological shift” for the improvement.
  6. Is Running On A Treadmill As Good As Running Outside? (via Time): As we brace for winter weather, it’s good to have a refresher in this all-important question: treadmill or road? On the surface, it isn’t all that different, but when it comes to chance for injuries and even psychological damage, there’s a distinction.

What’s the most interesting running article you read this week?

Recap compiled by Ashley Marcin / Photo @WalkJogRun Instagram