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A message to pregnant runners: do what’s right for you

Pregnant runners: do what's right for you

Some of you likely saw The New York Times article about elite women running through pregnancy. And this spotlight on exercise during pregnancy is definitely a positive thing, showing women no longer need to lay down and rest the whole nine months. Pregnancy isn’t some ailment that needs to be treated with such caution. It’s certainly […]

Tips for racing during the holidays

Tips for racing this holiday season

Thanksgiving is right around the corner with the rest of the holidays blowing in shortly after. Will you be running a Turkey Day event this year? Or maybe those jingle bell runs are more your style. No matter your preference in racing for holiday cheer, there are some ways to make the experience more enjoyable […]

Gear for running in cold weather

Cold weather running gear for men and women

 Last winter, much of the U.S. experienced record low temperatures. This “polar vortex” caught me completely off guard and sent me running for the treadmill. I’ve vowed to run outdoors as much as possible this winter, no matter how low the temperatures drop. This time I’ll be prepared to run in the cold, though. Here are […]

The running week in review: November 14, 2014

The running week in review: november 14, 2014

Ed. Note: From the latest scientific breakthroughs in training to facts about your favorite elite runners and races, there are a plethora of running headlines each and every week. In our new series, we’ll recap the top running-related articles we stumbled upon in the past week (or so) and ask you to share what you’re reading in […]

Inside the medical tent: what happens if you stop during a race

Inside the medical tent: should you stop or should you go

At its core, running is a very healthy hobby. It helps you reach and maintain a healthy weight, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels, improve your memory, and more. But as we all know, running also taxes the body. Especially when we run long or fast, like during races. Even with proper training and execution, you […]

Race t-shirt overload? Here are 8 ways to repurpose them

Race shirts reimagined: creative ways to use your t-shirts

Most runners have a drawers upon drawers filled with race shirts that they’ll never wear – either because they’re ill-fitting, ill-quality, or – let’s face it – ugly. But, hey! We earned those shirts! So it can be tough to part with them. Here are eight things you can do to declutter your dresser while […]

Practicing yoga when pregnant

Benefits of practicing yoga when pregnant

Yoga is a great complement to running and nearly every runner can benefit from the stretching and toning yoga provides. But yoga is especially nice for expectant moms. Here are just a few of the benefits yoga provides moms-to-be: Builds strength. Practicing yoga helps build strength and stability. The counterbalance of these two actions can help […]

Agility exercises for runners

Agility exercises for runners

Runners tend to stick in the sagittal plane, which is a fancy way of saying we don’t move much beyond the simple forward motion. This is fine for most plodding around, but it can make you more prone to injury (strains, falls, etc.). Not to mention you’re ignoring lots of important muscles in the process. To gain stronger, […]

All about that base: the basics of building a running foundation

All about that base: building a running foundation

Almost every training plan assumes that the runner has a “base”. Your base is exactly what it sounds like – it’s your current fitness level. You cannot go from running zero miles per week to training for a marathon. Base building is the work that comes in between zero mileage weeks and training – it’s pre-training, if […]

How can you tell if you’re a ‘real’ runner? Avoid the click-bait and just look in the mirror

If you run, you're a real runner. Period. The end.

Click-bait has taken over the Internet –  or at least, my Facebook feed. I’m constantly taunted by articles like, “You know you’re a real runner when you …”  or “10 ways to tell a serious runner from a non-serious runner.” Too much chum in the water, if you ask me. Because if you lace up your shoes, lean […]