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Things you’ll want at the start (and finish) of a marathon

Gear Check: What to Pack for Race Day

When I ran my first marathon, I made a big mistake – I didn’t pack another pair of shoes in my gear check bag. After pounding the pavement in my running shoes for 26.2 miles, I wanted them off of my feet – stat! Unfortunately, it was close to another two hours before I arrived […]

Fruit spotlight: (canned + fresh) tomatoes

All about tomatoes: recipes + nutrition facts

By this time of year, our CSA share is wrapping up for the season and we’re starting to rely more on canned foods and what we’ve preserved in our freezer. Tomatoes – canned especially – are a big part of our diet in the cold months, and for good reason. They contain one of the best sources […]

Race recap: Cortland YMCA Leaf Peeper Half Marathon

Skipping the big race for the local race

For 10 weeks, I trained for the Runner’s World Half Marathon. I chose a challenging plan. Followed it close. And spent two days a week on the track. I clocked mile repeats at 5K pace, 800s at 2-mile pace, 400s at mile pace, and so on. Early in the plan, I set PRs in the 5K, 1 mile,and […]

Yoga for runners: balance

Ardha Chandrasana

A few months back we discussed the importance of balance for runners. To recap, balance is an essential part of running, as we spend the majority of our time landing on one foot before quickly pushing off the other. Yet, balance tends to be a skill many of us take for granted as we continuously run […]

The most fun races for non-runners

The most fun races for non-runners

Maybe you want to get your BFF hooked on running. Perhaps you’re planning a bachelor or bachelorette party weekend and you feel like kicking it off in a healthy way. Or maybe you yearn to start a new family tradition this holiday season. People who are self-proclaimed “non-runners” are toeing the start lines of races fairly […]

Recipe: “Get-yo-greens-in” smoothie

Get your greens in winter smoothie

Winter is just around the corner, which means not only is it getting colder and the daylight hours are shrinking, but fresh produce is harder to come by. Plus, on chilly days you’re more inclined to hang with a loaf of bread versus a kale salad. This tasty smoothie packs an impressive serving of fruits and vegetables […]

10 ways to show off your race bling

Do you have tons of race medals and bibs collecting dust in your closet? The easy thing to do is plop them all in a memory box, but where’s the fun in that? We runners like to showcase our achievements, whether it’s running a particularly long distance or smashing a PR. So, check out these […]

The benefits of exercise during pregnancy

Benefits of exercising when pregnant

Before getting pregnant this spring I knew I wanted to be an active mom-to-be. I ran, did yoga, and cycled prior to getting pregnant so it never occurred to me I wouldn’t continue some type of exercise routine once I got that little plus sign. The standard guidelines for exercise while pregnant are 30 minutes […]