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Running Weeks in Review: December 1, 2014

Week in Review: December 1, 2014Confession time. We were supposed to post this biweekly news update on Friday but then Thanksgiving happened and … well … we kind of dropped the ball. #awkward. But, hey, at least it’s happening today, right? So! Without further delay, here’s what’s been going on in the running world for the past 2 (and a half) weeks.

  1. World’s Best Marathons (via The Active Times): This article takes into account quiet a few pieces of data, including number of finishers, course quality, event organization and fan ratings. There are quite a few on this list of 25 that we want to add to our bucket lists (Honolulu Marathon, anyone?). Did you favorite 26.2 race make the list?
  2. To Stay Energy Efficient As You Age, Keep On Running (via NPR): It’s a simple concept, right? Now there’s even more evidence to back it up. Being on our feet for long periods of time has been linked to fewer hospitalizations and greater longevity. Thing is, running versus walking gives an advantage with better overall walking economy.
  3. Running Won’t Raise Risk of Knee Arthritis (via Health): In a study conducted on more than 2,600 people, running has actually been shown to help prevent the disease. Sounds promising!
  4. Why We Make Our Biggest Decisions Before Milestones (via Globe and Mail): Are you 39? Chances are you’ll run a marathon or other goal race before hitting your next big birthday. In data collected from Athlinks, those birthdays ending in 9 also produced far more PRs for many people versus times in recent years. (Oh, and you’re more likely to have affairs and make other questionable changes but we’ll stick to the running.)
  5. Giant Treadmill Holds 10 Runners At Once (via ABC News): Oxford Fitness, the group responsible for this gadget, is taking the gargantuan machine on tour. Would you be more inclined to run miles indoors with your friends by your side?
  6. Vegan or Vegetarian Diet May Be Best For Weight Loss (via Runner’s World): Even with zero calorie restrictions, people in a 6-month study lost twice as much weight on a vegan or vegetarian diet than those on other diets. Guess it’s time to check out all those Fruit + Vegetable Spotlights in our archives?

What’s the most interesting running article you read in the last two weeks?

Recap compiled by Ashley Marcin / Photo @WalkJogRun Instagram

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