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8 podcasts for your walk, jog, or run (beyond Serial)

8 Podcasts to walk, jog, run to beyond Serial.There’s a lot of focus about different music playlists to listen to on the run but lately, we’ve been partial to Podcasts. Blame it on the Serial mania that has swept the United States (which, side note, is incredible and a must-hear) but listening to stories instead of a songs can be somewhat soothing and make runs go by quickly.

So, in addition to Serial (because, yes) here are eight of our picks – some running specific, other more general – to listen to while on a walk, jog, or run. Let us know your podcast favorites below!

  1. Couch to 5K: Think of the Couch to 5K podcast as your training companion. The show coaches runners through low, medium, and high intensity workouts over the course of 9 weeks. Once you graduate from the program, you can check out the Couch to 5K+, taking you to a whole different level of training.
  2. Marathon Training Academy: The Marathon Training Academy is produced by a husband and wife team, Angie and Trevor. During the hour-long show, you’ll hear stories from their own running lives, interviews with different “celebrities” in the sport, and get some general health and fitness inspiration that will motivate you to reach the next level with your training.
  3. Daily Boost: If you’re looking for motivation in all areas of your life – not just exercise – The Daily Boost is for you. This program is focused on holistic health and self-help. You’ll gain some insights into how to lower your stress levels, organize your time, and find balance to achieve all those goals you have.
  4. Ben Greenfield: Tune into Ben Greenfield, one of the top personal trainers and wellness coaches in the nation. His podcasts range run the gamut of health and fitness topics, including the top news in sports ranging from running to swimming to triathlons and beyond.
  5. The FitCast: If general fitness and nutrition information is what you’re after, don’t miss The FitCast by Kevin Larrabee. In these shows, Kevin interviews experts in the diet and exercise world. You’ll get some great food for thought and even entertaining stuff like playlist ideas to power you through your next run.
  6. YOGAmazing: Cool down or just mix up your day with YOGAmazing 25-minute yoga routines. You’ll also uncover some mini documentaries with people sharing how yoga has transformed their lives. And then some notes on healthy eating and other choices that impact life overall.
  7. Freakonomics Radio: If you’re just interested in listening to something interesting on a walk, check out Freakonomics Radio. This show investigates the “hidden side of everything” and will always keep your mind working. No wonder it’s one of iTunes’ most popular casts.
  8. Stuff You Should Know: Add this to the informative list – Stuff You Should Know covers all sorts of interesting and important tidbits about, well, everything. Use your exercise time as an opportunity to exercise your brain and body.

Written by Ashley Marcin.