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Race Recap: Pete Keyes Turkey Trot

Pete Keyes Turkey Trot Recap

If any of you follow my blog, you might know I’m trying to get pregnant. Why is this relevant? Well, my running has taken a back seat in recent months. In fact, I haven’t raced since the Women’s Distance Festival in August. As far as running fast or far? It hasn’t been happening much. So, when I had the opportunity to lace up at the start of the Pete Keyes Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning, I decided to give it my all.

I was psyched about this race all week long. Then we got a foot of snow in less than 24 hours the day before the event, and I felt much less enthused. I woke up on race morning marveling at the wonders of nature and giving myself about a million excuses to skip the race. The roads were slick. It was chilly and blustery. I hadn’t registered yet either. I had all but convinced myself to stay home and run the snow-covered sidewalks in my neighborhood. Then my runner friends told me to suck it up.
When I arrived, I quickly discovered that there were a ton of other crazy people willing to brave the slippery course and finish strong. I registered and ran a mile warmup simply because I was freezing. I then huddled with a few friends in the bathroom to stay warm before lining up at the start. The race was supposed to start at 9:30 a.m., so I was frustrated to see 9:37 flash across my phone – I don’t like waiting because I get all nervous!
Soon enough, we were off. The start was completely clogged with runners who didn’t line up correctly. I had positioned myself in the first third of people and was woefully stuck behind a bunch of people who were walking around puddles. Eventually (about a quarter mile in), I found my stride and got on pace. Surprisingly, the course was covered with slush and ice – but I was able to get some descent footing. I ran my first mile in 7:31.
Whoa, I thought. I’m being completely honest when I say I haven’t run seriously since August. I guess after nearly 12 years of running I’m able to maintain race paces at shorter distances with less work. Score. My second mile was only a few seconds longer than the first. Then we headed down into another part of the park for an out-and-back flat cruising finish.
What struck me most about miles 3 through 5 was the snow. All of it was still hanging around in the trees. As corny as it sounds, I felt very thankful to be running and experiencing this amazing sight, despite my frozen toes. I actually don’t mind winter running one bit. I’ll take it over the treadmill any day of the week.
Speaking of treadmills, I definitely got lost in my plodding and splashed in a deep ice-puddle just after hitting mile 4. I should have been paying better attention, and this misstep slowed me down because I had to adjust my soaked shoe. After not too long, I was back on task, still maintaining 7:40 average pace before I headed up the hill to the finish line.
I crossed the line in 38:28 (according to my own tracking), my official time was about 10 seconds slower because of the clog at the start of the race. Either way, I’m thrilled with this time. It’s a personal record by a few seconds, too. And with this race, I bring to a close my 2014 season. I did the fewest races ever this year – seven total – but they were all PRs. Can’t beat that!
Written by Ashley Marcin.