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20 reasons why running in the snow is the BEST

20 reasons why running in the snow is the BEST. Snow is here. And it looks like this winter will be just like the last. Instead of pricing our treadmills and winter gym memberships, consider making the best of the frozen wonderland.

  1. Play detective: Follow footsteps and see where they lead. Are they human? Feline? How and why did they suddenly disappear?
  2. Snowy Snapchat: Leave a fading trail of (odd and confusing) footsteps, or scribe a fun message in the snow.
  3. Impromptu snowball fights: There is a thin line between friendly fun and assualt for this one. If you recognize a runner, size up the situation, and make the best decision for the moment.
  4. Falling: It happens. But it doesn’t hurt as much. Unless it’s ice. Ice hurts a lot.
  5. Less wear and tear on your sneaks: In most cases, they are cleaner afterwards, too.
  6. Catch snow in your mouth: Drivers will probably think you’re just licking the sky. Or just plain nuts.
  7. It’s more difficult: A benefit? Sort of. Adjust your expectations. Ditch your watch. You’ll most likely be taking two steps forward and one step back. That sounds like a metaphor for life, doesn’t it?
  8. Beautiful and bright: Especially at night when the soft moonlight reflects off the snow.
  9. Puts the holiday season in perspective: Before joining the mad dash, watch slow moving traffic, impatient, honking drivers, and swollen parking lots. Think about what’s really important.
  10. Enjoy the holiday decorations: Plan a route through a festive neighborhood. Spot the Griswald house if you can.
  11. Scope out the best sledding hills: For your kids, of course.
  12. Always a cool story to tell: Something fun, cool, interesting, or exciting will definitely happen on a snowy run. Cool story, bro!
  13. Everything is 10 percent better afterwards. Cheese and bread. Hot cocoa and coffee. Life. It’s scientifically proven, I think.
  14. You will smile: Unless wind is whipping in your face or snow is falling in your eyes, you will feel jolly.
  15. Snot rockets: If you’re new to this faux pas (hidden pleasure), you will soon become an expert. Your body will be producing ammo faster than you can fire away.
  16. Everything moves more slowly: Snow fall. Traffic. Foot strikes. Life. Everything but your heart rate, and of course, time.
  17. The thrill of not knowing: How far. Fast. Long. Is that a curb or slush puddle? Is that snow solid, crusty, deep powder? Only one way to find out!
  18. Laughter: In the air. On the street. It’s contageous.
  19. Shoveling:  Manual labor isn’t so bad after a half hour of lolly gagging about. Besides, you’re already dressed, offensively soaked with endorphins, so you’re more likely to shovel a neighbor’s sidewalk, or even help the old cat lady across the street. Go you!
  20. Be a kid again: Let’s face it. You’ve nodded your head 19 times already. You’re a runner. You get it. It was never really a question whether or not you would run in the snow. You’re a kid at heart. A 20, 50, or 90 something kid. Tap into your internal pot of gold and enjoy.

What’s your favorite reason to run in the snow? Tell us about it in the comments below.

Written by Stephen Marcin.