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Running Weeks in Review: December 17, 2014

Week in Review: December 17

Here’s what’s been going on in the running world for the past two weeks.

  1. The decreasing loneliness of the Indian long-distance runner (via NPR): An interesting look into the growth of running in India, which has been increasing over the past decade. Much like in other parts of the world, running is credited with bringing people together into a whole new community of like-minded athletes with a shared purpose: moving and enjoying better health.
  2. Catching Kayla (via ESPN): Though this video was published back in November, the message about high school student Kayla Montgomery has been circulating in my social media and is quite compelling. Montgomery was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis several years ago and — despite it all — become one of the best young distance runners in the country.
  3. Why running hurts every part of your body (via Wired): An in-depth look into how starting a running routine impacts the body. With some insight from coach and author of The Science of Running Steven Magness, you’ll learn where all that burning, itching, gasping, and other uncomfortable stuff comes from.
  4. Women are better runners than men (via Run Repeat): In a study conducted with more than 1,815,091 marathon results from 131 different marathons, women have been shown to keep steadier paces than men overall. Along with this striking result, both men and women have been shown to burn out during 26.2, showing that both sexes could benefit from starting slow and building versus the other way around.
  5. U.S. falls behind on exercise, gets fatter (via USA Today): In the latest report by the United Health Foundation, obesity rate for adults increased from 27.6 percent to 29.4 percent. Worse? A quarter of people report doing absolutely no physical activity in the last month. Keep up with the walking, jogging, and running, friends!
  6. How drug testing in running works (via Runner’s World): Have you ever wondered exactly how officials test elite athletes for different performance-enhancing substances? It’s actually quite interesting!

Recap compiled by Ashley Marcin / Photo @WalkJogRun Instagram