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Yoga for Runners: a new ebook by WalkJogRun

WalkJogRun Yoga for Runners ebook now available on iBooks

We are extremely excited to announce our ebook “Yoga for Runners” is now available in the iBook store – just in time for the holidays! And at $9.99 (or the local equivalent) it makes a great last minute gift for a runner in your life … or yourself (because, after all, you deserve it!).

Yoga is the “yin” to running’s “yang” – the perfect complement to your training. This 117-page book – written by WalkJogRun’s yoga contributor Lisa Chase – is perfect for yogis and runners of all ages and experiences.

The book is divided into multiple sections by different body part – from the feet to the hips to the neck – and focuses on runner-specific issues, like tight hamstrings, weak glutes, and IT-band troubles. Each body party has several yoga poses with step-by-step instructions. This layout allows you to either focus on one problem area or to combine several of the poses for a full-body practice.  There are also chapters on breathing, styles of yoga, setting up an at home practice, and so much more.

So check it out and let us know what you think!

Read more about the book (and see chapter excerpts) or go straight to the iBooks store and buy it for your iPad.

Download_on_iBooks_Badge_US-UK_110x40_090513Only available on the iPad.

Yoga for Runners: A new ebook from WalkJogRun now available on iBooks

If you’re new to yoga, this book will help you get started with a practice, find the right style for you, and show you specific runner-friendly moves you can integrate pre- or post-run.

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