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Small (but effective) goals for runners for 2015

Small goals. Big results. Simple, attainable, and effective resolutions for runners.

The key to good resolution-making is choosing simple and specific goals that are both measurable and tangible. Keeping a positive attitude is another big factor on the path to success.

And you don’t have to go all out, either.

Here are a few small goals to fit onto your lists.

  1. Get a physical. Too often we neglect an annual doctor appointment because we’re busy, we forget, or we’re feeling otherwise healthy. Thing is, physicals are all about preventative health. Finding out small issues because they fester into mega-issues. Most doctors agree that you don’t need a physical every year, but most of us should schedule one at least every other year, especially if you’re over 50 or have existing health problems.
  2. Go veg. Eating a vegetarian diet is healthy for a variety of reasons. But did you know going vegetarian just one day each week can reduce risk for “chronic preventable conditions like cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity”? Sounds like the holy grail of simple diet changes that yield huge rewards. Here are some recipes to get you started.
  3. Drink up. After a season of indulgence, I’m not talking about downing any more champagne. Make 2015 the year you finally commit to drinking more water. Most of us think we’re getting enough, but we’re most likely not. Current recommendations for men hit around 13 cups a day. Women need at least 9 cups, more on hot and humid days. Use some of that Christmas money to buy a good quality water bottle to stash at your desk at work.
  4. Cross-train. You don’t need to get completely involved in another sport to cross-train and gain better flexibility and strength. In fact, these 10 simple workouts can give you a total-body blast in 10 minutes or fewer. If you’re planning to join a gym, be sure to check out our comprehensive series that demystifies the most popular classes and pieces of equipment. You can also check out our new ebook, Yoga for Runners, which features a plethora of poses you can do at home that can help bring your running to the next level.
  5. Exercise often. Even if you have a super busy schedule, you can still fit in some exercise. Studies show that 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week is best. But just 10 minutes at a time counts if you need to sneak activity into your day. Try one of these mini-workouts and build to two or three of them on your most hectic days. (If you consider the alternative of zero minutes exercise, I think you see the benefit.)

Written by Ashley Marcin.