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Common skin problems in runners

Common skin ailments runners face

For all the good running can do for your body, it can wreck havoc on your skin. From dryness to chafing, blisters to acne, a good workout can mean bad news for your skin. Today we’ve rounded up some of the most common skin ailments for runners and how to avoid them. ACNE The cause: Excess […]

8 podcasts for your walk, jog, or run (beyond Serial)

8 Podcasts to walk, jog, run to beyond Serial.

There’s a lot of focus about different music playlists to listen to on the run but lately, we’ve been partial to Podcasts. Blame it on the Serial mania that has swept the United States (which, side note, is incredible and a must-hear) but listening to stories instead of a songs can be somewhat soothing and make runs […]

Mastering the cool down

I don’t know about you, but right after I finish a run, I’m not thinking about my next workout – I’m only thinking about the run I just completed. However, experts say that we can do something at the end of our current run that can better prepare us for our next workout. Specifically, we […]

Running Weeks in Review: December 1, 2014

Week in Review: December 1, 2014

Confession time. We were supposed to post this biweekly news update on Friday but then Thanksgiving happened and … well … we kind of dropped the ball. #awkward. But, hey, at least it’s happening today, right? So! Without further delay, here’s what’s been going on in the running world for the past 2 (and a half) weeks. […]

Gift Guide for Runners 2014

This year, we’re compiling our picks for the perfect gifts for runners on Pinterest. Check out and follow our board here.  We’ll be updating it throughout the season! Need more ideas? See our gift guides: Stocking Stuffers Women Men Beginners Hardcore Fitness Enthusiasts Parents Dogs

Yoga modifications while pregnant

Yoga can be a wonderful de-stressor and time for bonding with your baby. However, pregnancy will naturally change your practice once you’re expecting. Below are modifications to keep in mind as you move through the next nine months. (As always, consult your doctor about exercise as it specifically relates to your unique pregnancy and needs.) FIRST […]