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6 ways to stay motivated when dealing with burnout

I stuck to my 16-week marathon training plan like glue, and stayed motivated and excited by training right through the end. But now that the marathons are behind me? I’m less motivated than ever before. I’m feeling apprehensive instead of enthusiastic about my upcoming races. There’s no doubt about it – I’m dealing with burnout. […]

Don’t pack on the pounds: your holiday party action plan

Step away from the peppermint bark: your holiday party action plan

A lot of people are gearing up to make big resolutions for the New Year. And we’re willing to bet that a lot of those goals have to do with weight. Here’s a little secret: if you eat mindfully now, you’ll have less weight to lose once the New Year begins. We know – this is […]

Running may be bad for your teeth

Running may be bad for your teeth.

According to a study published in June by the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports, the harder people workout, the less saliva they produce and the salvia they do produce has a high PH balance. Both of these scenarios are bad for tooth and gum health. While this particular study was small – it […]

Involve your kids in your running with these tips

Involve your kids in your running with these tips

My daughter is only three years old, but she has definitely picked up that both her parents are serious runners. Since she’s still so young, we often feel like she’s excluded from our favorite pastime. So we’ve come up with following ways to get her involved in running culture – and we’re hoping the interest will stick […]

Rules to follow when selecting non-running shoes

Rules to follow when selecting non-running shoes

We runners put a lot of time and effort into finding our perfect running shoe. My foot changed with my most recent pregnancy, and my Brooks Adrenalines weren’t cutting it anymore. I went to a local running store to be re-fitted for shoes. After more than an hour, a lot of running around the store, […]

Ice baths: help or hype

What's the deal with ice baths? Help or hype?

Ice baths were all the rage in the running community a few years ago. A Runner’s World article published in 2008 aid, “ice baths are one of the most effective ways to offset the damage done on a run”. But now the helpfulness of ice baths is being debated among running experts. Ice baths are […]

5 pool workouts all athletes should try

5 pool workouts for runners

When the temperatures plummet and you’re absolutely forced indoors by rain, snow, or ice, forgo the treadmill and opt instead for the pool. Here are five intense pool workouts that will get your heart rate up and improve your endurance. The Quickie: Don’t have a lot of time? You can burn around the same number of […]

20 reasons why running in the snow is the BEST

20 reasons why running in the snow is the BEST.

Snow is here. And it looks like this winter will be just like the last. Instead of pricing our treadmills and winter gym memberships, consider making the best of the frozen wonderland. Play detective: Follow footsteps and see where they lead. Are they human? Feline? How and why did they suddenly disappear? Snowy Snapchat: Leave a fading trail […]

Race Recap: Pete Keyes Turkey Trot

Pete Keyes Turkey Trot Recap

If any of you follow my blog, you might know I’m trying to get pregnant. Why is this relevant? Well, my running has taken a back seat in recent months. In fact, I haven’t raced since the Women’s Distance Festival in August. As far as running fast or far? It hasn’t been happening much. So, […]

Race Recap: Charlotte Southpark 8K Turkey Trot

Charlotte Southpark 8K

One of my favorite holiday traditions is the Charlotte Southpark Turkey Trot. It’s a big race in Charlotte, N.C. held on Thanksgiving morning, and it features an 8K, 5K, 1-mile fun run, and tot trot. My husband and I have ran the 8k every year since we moved to Charlotte except for the year my […]