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How to plan your 2014 race schedule


A new year means a blank race calendar and many of us are eager to fill it up! While it’s tempting to register for every race out there, that’s not feasible for the majority of us. So grab a blank 2014 calendar, have your work and personal schedules handy, and use these tips to make […]

How to jumpstart your running in 2014


The problem with so many New Year’s Resolutions is that they’re too vague or too lofty. Say you’re a walker, but you want to run a marathon. That’s a great long-term goal, but making such a huge fitness leap within one year may be unrealistic. Instead it’s better to start small. Set smaller, more realistic […]

How cold is too cold to run outdoors?

when is it too cold to run

There’s running in the cold, and then there’s running in frigid, sub-zero temperatures with even lower wind chills. Over the last couple days, in wake of the most recent winter storm, there’s been quite a debate going in my group of running friends. It all stems from the question: “How cold is too cold when […]

All about the rowing machine


Still think you can’t get a great workout while sitting down? You’re wrong! Just a single session on the rowing machine can blast between 600-800 calories in an hour. That’s similar, if not better, than running or spinning for the same duration — and it blows the elliptical out of the water. In addition, walkers/joggers/runners […]

Girl power: races for women

In 1980, only 11 percent of marathon finishers were female. In fact, before 1980, there were no women’s distance races in the Olympics. That’s probably hard for many of us to believe because in 2012, four in ten marathon finishers were women. And in many individual races, such as the 2013 Disney World Marathon, women […]

Winter running safety


I’m not going to lie – when the temperature (or temperature plus wind chill) drops below 25 degrees Fahrenheit, I head for the treadmill. Still, cold weather health problems can strike when the air temperature is much warmer. Knowing the signs of hypothermia and frostbite can help us stay safe during winter workouts. Winter health […]

Snowshoe running: workouts + racing


New to snowshoe running? Check out snowshoe running 101 here. So, you’ve purchased your snowshoes, a winter storm has dumped a generous amount of snow (or you’ve found a groomed trail), you’ve dressed for success, and you’re ready to start training. But what type of “plan” — if any — should you follow? To begin:  […]

Study: how exercise helps when you overeat


How many of you went a little overboard with eating this holiday season? Don’t worry – you’re not alone. I can’t even type the word “gingerbread” without getting a stomachache. Luckily, I also stuck with my running routine from Thanksgiving through New Year’s. And if you did, too, new research says that all of those […]