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5 tips for sneaking in workouts throughout the day

5 tips for sneaking in workouts throughout the dayExercising more and getting fit is a great goal for 2015. Getting into a new routine, however, can be tough and it’s easy to let life get in the way. Don’t despair – you can successfully accomplish your resolution by sneaking in workouts throughout the day.

  1. Use lunch. Try to fit in a sweat session at lunch. Those of you who eat lunch at your desk might approach your boss with a flex time request. Even heading into work a half or full hour early (or staying late) a few days a week could mean enough extra free time at lunch to get your blood pumping. And with exercise scheduled in the middle of your day, you’re much less inclined to bail. Don’t skip lunch, though. Try packing one of these seven easy, healthy meals.
  2. Become a morning person. Many of us have more time in the early morning than we give ourselves credit for. Waking up early isn’t something that sounds appealing to many of us, however, sometimes the discomfort is worth the reward. Start slow and keep workouts short. Don’t forget to fuel yourself and give your body time to adjust to the new schedule.
  3. Run errands. If you live in a somewhat centralized area, use your errands as an excuse to get fit. Jog to your kid’s preschool when the weather is nice, walk to the drug store to pick up medicines and other household items. Whatever you need to do, see if you can work exercise into the mix rather than driving.
  4. Make it quick. You don’t need to exercise in large chunks to see the benefits. In fact, experts recommend working out 30 minutes, five times per week. But you can get in these 30 minutes by piecing together 10-minute bits. Here are ten 10-minute cross-training workouts and some ideas for other 10-minute quickies when you’re particularly crunched for time.
  5. Multitask. Or if you feel guilty about taking time to exercise if you have other interests, try combining them. I love listening to podcasts, audiobooks, and music – so I bring them along and get two birds with one stone. You can also invite a friend out for a run for social time or invite your colleague to a walking meeting.

What are you favorite ways to fit workouts into your busy day?

Written by  Ashley Marcin.