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Fruit spotlight: pomegranates

All about pomegranates: a winter fruitI was sick for more than a week with what started as a sore throat and morphed into laryngitis. By now, I’m feeling much better, though I don’t have a voice. I’m tired, though, and I definitely feel like I’ve been hit by a truck. During the winter months, whole foods become increasingly important for helping to boost immunity. Today’s fruit spotlight is all about pomegranates, one of my favorite juicy snacks.

If you’ve been overloading on citrus fruits trying to get in your daily dose of vitamin C, give pomegranates a try. The seeds from one pomegranate make up 40 percent of your daily requirement for this sickness fighting vitamin – and have antioxidants, like polyphenols. What’s more, the concentration of these antioxidants is particularly potent in pomegranates (and especially in 100 percent juice), which helps lower cholesterol, improve blood flow to the heart, and even lower blood pressure.

Check out these 20 amazing recipes featuring pomegranates:

Oh, and one of my favorite ways to eat a pomegranate is just, well, plain. But you kind of need to know how to get at all those juicy seeds, right? So, check out this simple tutorial that shows you how to slice and scoop without creating a complete mess. (Don’t worry, the first pomegranate I opened was a disaster!)

What’s your favorite way to eat pomegranates?

Written by Ashley Marcin / Photo Creative Commons