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Recent news of note in running

Recent news of note in running It’s a new year, there’s certainly some running news to report from the previous weeks. As always, we’d love for you to chime in with any running-related news (nutrition, fitness, or otherwise) that you’ve found intriguing in the comments below.

  1. What’s the Women’s Equivalent of a Sub-2:00:00 Marathon? (via Runner’s World): Though examining the performance factor between the sexes is still a relatively new study, researchers think Paula Radcliffe has run the equivalent of a sub-2 hour marathon, and them some. In fact, the world record she set in 2003 (2:15:25) is the time equivalent to 1:59:55 for a man.
  2. 103 year old runner honored by the Queen (via ITV News): Sometimes it’s not the fastest runner who wins the ultimate race. Fauja Singh, of London, England, is recognized as the oldest marathon runner in the world at the ripe age of 103. He was honored by Queen for his incredible athletic feats, and he completed his most recent race in seven hours and 49 minutes.
  3. 7 New Year’s Resolutions Health Experts Wish You’d Really Make (via Reader’s Digest): Between eating more, sleeping earlier, and quitting cigarettes for good, these resolutions are great add-ons to your current list.
  4. 14 Biggest Fitness Myths, Busted (via Outside Magazine): Though this article isn’t specific to running, it’s surely an interesting read. I especially like the myth “Extended Endurance Exercise Is Bad for Your Heart” – benefits can be seen up to 40 miles a week (and they don’t deteriorate after that mark).
  5. Running Helps You Stay Young (via Colorado Public Radio): A recent study conducted by the University of Colorado at Boulder suggests that running’s powerful fountain of youth has everything to do with maintaining your body’s energy efficiency. And this benefit might start at our very mitochondria.

Recap compiled by Ashley Marcin

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