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Tired? 8 quick ways to boost your energy TODAY

Tired? 8 quick ways to boost your  energy TODAY
How are those New Year’s resolutions going? Have you fallen back into your old habits? Does the enthusiasm of the holidays seem to have faded? Yeah, me too. As we slip back into the normal flow of work, home, family, exercise, etc. your energy may feel like it’s plummeted.

Here are small changes you can make today – and I stress the today part – to start seeing a little rebound in your energy.

  1. Start the day with a glass of warm water and lemon. Seriously, this one small change can have huge effects on your body. Part of feeling run down can have to do with dehydration and an inefficient digestive system. Try just one glass of water with lemon, every morning right when you wake up, and don’t be surprised if your skin is clearer, your digestion more regular, and your minor aches and pains lessened.
  2. In the same vein, are you drinking enough water throughout the day? Chances are no. There are a lot of water calculators out there but here’s a rough calculation to find out how much you need. Take your weight multiply it by .67. Then divide that number by 8. That’s how many 8 ounces glasses you need at a bare minimum throughout the day. If you exercise you’ll need to add more, especially if you sweat a lot, live in a warm climate or at altitude. Buy yourself a nice water bottle and keep it with you at all times so you’re never without water.
  3. Make one small dietary change. Trying to revamp your entire diet at once is miserable. But if you take baby steps it won’t feel so daunting. You probably already know what that one change should be. Maybe it’s cutting out the large coffee and swapping it for a medium or small. Maybe it’s having just one glass of wine with dinner instead of two? Think small to make big strides that don’t feel big.
  4. Add some fruit to your diet. Do you crash in the afternoons? Stock your office or home with fruit that’s easy to eat. If it’s a pain you won’t eat it. Have orange slices already cut up for fiber, vitamin C and yes, more water. Try kiwis that are full of potassium or cut up some apples and put them in small, easily accessible bags that you can just grab and eat.
  5. Go to bed 15 minutes earlier. It may seem like a small thing but try getting into bed earlier. Turn off the TV, put down the phone, and even if you don’t go to sleep right away notice if you’re more apt to unwind if you’re not stressed about how late it is.
  6. Get moving! Most of us our runners, joggers and walkers so we’re probably getting in our daily workout but how about moving during the workday? Try a couple of short 5-minute walks throughout the day. Rest your eyes as you stretch your legs.
  7. Try meditation. You don’t need a special meditation pillow or meditation chant to reap the benefits of a few minutes with your eyes closed. Sit in a quiet space, your parked car can be a great space for this. Close your eyes and focus on your inhalations and exhalations. That’s it. If you’re stressed about time, set your phone timer. Notice how shaking up your routine for even 5 minutes can boost your energy.
  8. Get out and socialize. We spend a lot of time “socializing” behind screens. There is something really energizing about seeing friends and family in person. Plan a run with a buddy, go for a walk, meet for dinner, heck, pick up the phone instead of texting and have a conversation, even that may shake up your habits and leave you feeling more excited to plan get togethers.

As you can see, none of these things are all that hard to do and you don’t need to do every one of them. Just pick the one that’s calling to you and see if it helps improve your energy and motivates you to do more. And please let us know your energy boosting tips for the New Year. We’d love to hear your ideas.

Written by Lisa Chase.

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