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Multitasking on the run

How to multitask on the runBusy? We all are in one way or another. That’s why carving away time to run can be difficult as often as we’d like to do so. Especially if there are other hobbies, interests, and obligations that require our time and attention. But with a few tweaks, you can run and get stuff done at the same time.

Run and …

… read
It can be hard to find the time to keep up with reading – whether for pleasure or continued education or personal development – which is why swapping music for audible reads is such a smart idea. Download a new book or check out a hyped-up podcast. Bonus: I got so addicted to the Serial podcast when it aired that I ran far more miles the week I caught up. (Related: 8 podcasts for your walk, jog, or run).

… do errands
If you live in a somewhat centralized area, you can literally run your errands. Just plan ahead by keeping an errand list somewhere visible, like on the refrigerator. I know a lot of stuff is automated these days, but if you have bills or letters to mail, library books to return, payments to drop off, or even small packages (like prescriptions) to pick up – running is a great (and free) mode of transportation. A small, lightweight backpack can hold anything you need to carry.

If you frequently find yourself brainstorming, consider trying voice capture apps, like Dragon Dictation, to capture your ideas while you’re in motion. (There are many other applications you can check out, too.) You may have read our piece a while back about how running helps us think, so it seems like a shame to waste it all. Go into your workout with a task or prompt in mind for the best results, then marvel at how your creative juices flow once you pick up the pace.

… drop your kids off
If you have kids in sports or other activities, the short drop off and pickup window (often just one hour) can leave you feeling like you’ve wasted some of your precious time in transit. Make good use of this time by dropping off your kids at practice, parking the car, and running from that location until the activity is over. You can even see if another parent is in your situation and gain and running buddy out of the deal.How do you multitask while running?

Written by Ashley Marcin.