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Popular Super Bowl foods by calories and miles

Did you know Super Bowl Sunday is America’s second largest consumption day next to Thanksgiving? This probably comes as a surprise to very few of you as you’re planning your game day menus of dips, chips, and drinks. #football

Here’s how many miles you’ll need to run to burn off these popular snacks and treats.

Here's how many miles you'll have to run to burn off your favorite super bowl snacks.

Did you sample a serving everything on the table? That would add up to a whopping 4,951 calories and 41 miles. Our best advice – as always –is to enjoy your favorite snacks in moderation. That being said, we’d love to hear some of you favorite healthy alternatives to some of these classic dishes. Feel free to share them in the comments, and we’ll be sharing OUR favorites later today.

*Miles you need to run to burn off the food. Calories based on a 160 lb. person running an average pace of 10:00 minute miles (which equals about 120 calories burned per mile). If you weigh less or run slower, you’ll need to run a longer distance to burn off the calories. If you weight more or run faster, you can run fewer miles to run off the dishes.