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10 super healthy super bowl recipes

After writing up that calorie guide to the Super Bowl, I thought some healthy suggestions were in order. Of course, I’m all for indulging in the good stuff whenever possible. My favorite situation happens when tasty and healthy collide into new snacks and treats I want to make again and again.

So, rethink your game day food with these awesome recipes.

  1. Cauliflower Wings. I mentioned this Cauliflower Wings recipe in my last posting. No, they’re not the battered and fried meat-tastic wings you immediately crave. However, you’d be surprised how far a little hot sauce goes. Simply whisk together batter, toss in fresh cauliflower, and bake for around 40 minutes.
  2. Hummus. I know it’s simple, but swap your calorie-laden dips for homemade hummus. I love this Game Day Hummus, which features black beans and avocado. Of course, you can always go more traditional and swap in chickpeas. Either way, you’ll pack in some veggie protein.
  3. Zucchini Fries. Serve these delicious Zucchini Fries with your beef sliders this year. Slice up the zucchini into strips, then dip in an egg wash before rolling in parmesan and (whole grain) breadcrumbs. And they’re baked instead of fried!
  4. Taco Dip. I’m a sucker for those seven layer dips and supreme nachos. This Skinny Taco Dip combines a lot of those flavors with fewer calories. The best part? It takes a mere 10 minutes to make. The secret is in choosing lower fat alternatives to cream cheese and sour cream, all while loading up the rest with fresh veggies.
  5. Spinach Dip. Here’s a great Spinach Dip recipe with a vegan twist. Quick soaked cashews help take place of the cheese to give the dip its creamy texture. Nutritional yeast lends a cheesy flavor. You can choose to top with vegan cheese, but I’d skip and enjoy the veggies as they are on thick cuts of toasted bread.
  6. Sweet Potato Chips. Forget bagged potato chips that are soaked in oil and fried. Try making these Sweet Potato Chips at home as a nice, baked alternative. You’ll need to slice sweet potatoes with a mandolin if you’ve got one. Then brush with oil and bake on lined cookie sheets until crisp.
  7. Chili. If you’re looking for a primal way to enjoy the day, check out this Paleo Chili recipe. It’s Whole 30-approved and full of good-for-you ingredients. I haven’t told you the best part: You make it in your crock pot!
  8. Super Bowl. Skip the delivery pizza this year. If you’re watching the Super Bowl, why not try this Super Bowl recipe? You’ll find all the best super foods in one place. For example, roast sweet potatoes, brussels sprouts, and beets to serve atop a bed of micro greens and bulgur wheat. Don’t forget top top with an egg.
  9. Black Bean Brownies. These Black Bean Brownies have a secret they’re hiding. Any guesses? Well, in addition to beans, there are (pureed) carrots in the mix. You don’t need to feel quite as hesitant to grab dessert when it’s good for you.
  10. Chocolate Footballs. Not just any Chocolate Footballs either – these guys are made with apple wedges dipped in dark chocolate. Don’t skip the pineapple juice soak, which will keep your apples from browning. And you can use a little white frosting to draw the laces.

Written by Ashley Marcin.