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Omega-3 basics for athletes

The benefits of omega 3s for athletes

You’ve probably heard by now Omega-3s are important for living a healthy life. But what exactly are these fatty acids, what do they do, and do you need to eat fish to get your fill? What are Omega-3s? Simply put, Omega-3 fatty acid is an unsaturated fatty acid occurring chiefly in fish oils. They have shown to […]

Painkillers and running: do they mix?

Pain killers and running: do they mix?

“No pain, no gain.” That’s how the saying goes. In part it’s true. If you want to become a better runner you have to push past your comfort zone – which hurts! (Of course, it’s not a good idea to run through all types of pain. Read more here.) Running through discomfort is easier said […]

Five food trends for 2015

5 food trends in 2015

With the New Year in full swing the newest food trends are also starting to emerge. If 2014 was the year of kale (or was it bacon), then what’s next? Well, after a little research, here’s what I discovered are popular trends for the New Year. Cauliflower: Some are calling cauliflower the new kale. Cauliflower […]

Natural mid-run fuel options

Natural mid-run fuel options

I am a huge fan of sports drinks and gels … until about mile 17 of a marathon. Then my body craves something solid, more substantial, and not quite so artificial. I’m not alone. Some runners find that natural food options fuel their bodies just as well as chomps, chews, and gus made for endurance […]

Fruit spotlight: pomegranates

All about pomegranates: a winter fruit

I was sick for more than a week with what started as a sore throat and morphed into laryngitis. By now, I’m feeling much better, though I don’t have a voice. I’m tired, though, and I definitely feel like I’ve been hit by a truck. During the winter months, whole foods become increasingly important for helping […]

Hearty slow-cooker dinner recipes for runners

In the winter, my favorite kitchen appliance is the slow-cooker. It wins hands down. Even though the total number of hours in the day are the same in the winter as summer, the fewer hours of daylight make it feel like it’s harder to cross off everything on my “to do” list – including cook dinner. […]

Additional considerations for winter running

Additional considerations for winter running

We’ve shared what to wear when it’s cold and how to run on slick surfaces when the weather gets tough. Here are a few more things to consider when running this winter: Skin issues. I don’t know about you, but my usually oily skin turns absolutely arid this time of year. Running doesn’t help much either. In fact, jogging […]

A daytime runner starts running at night – and sees the light

Need a new perspective on running? Try a different time of day. One runner switches to night time running and it makes all the difference.

Confession: I lied to my wife. More like stretched the truth. You see, a few months back, when I said “I’m going to run a few miles,” I secretly ran more than a few miles. I was gone for about 30 minutes, so you can imagine me comfortably running 7:45 – 8:15 minute miles, taking in […]

Fueling for a multiple race weekend

Fueling for back-to-back races

As if one race wasn’t enough, many runners are now tackling multiple races in one weekend. There are organized multiple races, such as runDisney’s challenges and Runner’s World’s hat trick, and unofficial events. Earlier this fall, there were two half marathons in my town – one on Saturday and one on Sunday – and several of […]

Should you streak?

To streak or not to streak

I remember the start of 2013. I had run the first four days of the year. I recall thinking, “I’ve already run all of the days of the year, maybe I should do a run streak for all of 2013.” Those plans went out the window the next day when it was pouring out. I […]