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8 super cool running and fitness gadgets

8 running and fitness gadgetsGadgets. I know I love them. You know you love them. And when you can find something that has the power to enhance or improve your running performance, why not try it out?

Here are eight of the newer gadgets on the block related to running and fitness. If you’ve seen something else that’s super cool, feel free to add it in the comments for the rest of us to check out.

Mission cooling towel
My husband bought me a Mission Cooling Towel for Christmas last year, and I’m still floored by how well it works. The towel is made of a proprietary fabric that cools significantly when it’s soaked in water, wrung out, and then snapped. It’s far less complicated than it sounds, and it you live in a warm climate or frequent the muggy gym, you’ll want to check it out.

HydraCoach water bottle
Are you drinking enough fluids? HydraCoach can give you this information with its awesomely smart water bottle. It tracks your fluid intake, calculates your personal hydration needs, paces you throughout the day, and even coaches you to guzzle enough H2O.

Fitbit Aria
Stop hopping on the same old scale and check out this Aria Smart Scale by Fitbit. You won’t just get a static number with this gadget. Instead, you’ll be able to see your body fat, BMI, and track this information in a meaningful way over time. As you can imagine, all this data synchs wirelessly with online graph and mobile tools. How cool!

Athos apparel
Have you heard of wearable technology? That’s exactly what Athos Apparel is for the fitness world. The built-in sensors in this compression-type clothing can pick up your muscle activity, heart rate, and even breathing. Impressive, but expensive. Different pieces are available for preorder now with prices ranging from $100 to $200.

Knuckle lights
Here’s yet another way to light your path on a dark morning or night: Knuckle Lights. You may have tried headlamps or shoe lights before, but this device boasts twice the amount of light with a whopping 45 Lumens on high power. Plus, wearing these guys on your hands creates a swath of light at the perfect level for brightening your path.

Jaybird blue buds
As the official earbuds of the USA Triathlon, the Jaybird Blue Buds will transform the way you listen to phone calls, music, books, or podcasts on the run. They’re Bluetooth, so all of the audio is delivered wirelessly, streamlining your overall experience all while lasting eight solid hours on each charge. Oh, and the sound quality is amazing, too.

Ion reflective iron-ons
Increase your visibility to motorists and others in a fun way. That’s what Ion is all about. The fun, reflective designs come in a variety of shapes and sizes that can be transferred to a variety of fabrics (shirts, coats, backpacks, etc.) with a simple wave of your iron.

Milestone pod
Track your mileage in your running shoes to see when it’s time to toss and buy new with Milestone Pod. This device can even records heel versus toe footstrike, among other data to give you new insights into your running. And it also boasts an app where you can view all your information in one convenient place.

Written by Ashley Marcin.