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Running and lower back pain: Seven tips for prevention


Studies show 4 in 5 adults will suffer from back pain at some point in their lives. The severity of low back pain can range from bothersome to debilitating. Minor low back pain may not seem like a big deal. However if you’re a runner, even slight back pain can completely derail your training plans […]

How my activity tracker helped me become a better runner

How my activity tracker made me a better runner // image source Creative Commons

Last year, a few weeks after giving birth to my daughter, I was given one of those activity trackers I had heard so much about – the FitBit One, to be exact. At first, I thought the activity tracker was just a pedometer. I was still eager to learn how many steps I was taking each […]

Natural healing: Turmeric

Natural Healing: Turmeric

In our 2015 food trend article we mentioned turmeric. Turmeric is a tasty plant that adds flavor to your meals – and has some amazing healing properties. Turmeric is a root from the ginger family. It can be found in your spice aisle or in  root form in your produce section. Turmeric has been used for […]