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Workouts you can do at home with hand weights

Working out with hand weightsMost of us have a random set of hand weights around the house. But do you use yours much? I sure don’t. I went on a mission to find a bunch of quick workouts that use hand weights. As a runner, I often focus on my lower body, so taking even 10 minutes a day to focus on the upper half is time well spent.

  1. Arms and core. This comprehensive arms and core hand weight workout looks intense. You do each component of the workout for 20 to 30 seconds and then repeat the circuit three times. Some of the moves include one-arm flys, shoulder shapers, arm circles, cross-body punches, and then some weight-free pushups to keep life interesting. The author suggests using either five or eight pound weights.
  2. Arm sculpting quickie. It takes just seven minutes to get strong arms with this arm-sculpting workout. As you’ll see in the video, you do a good portion of this workout while sitting in a chair – making it perfect for the office.  The weight you use is up to you, but you want to perform each exercise while fatigued, but not completely shaking.
  3. Dumbbell circuit. Get a total-body workout using a set of five-pound hand weights. This dumbbell circuit starts off with a side plank spiced up with some rotation. From there, you’ll do some single-leg scarecrows and squats, curls, and presses. It’s just what I need to do between commercial breaks from my favorite shows.
  4. Crunch-less abs. This 15-minute crunchless abs routine is perfect for those of you, like me, who hate doing sit-ups, etc. You’ll use your hand weight to do side bends, bow extensions, dumbbell chops, and standing core stabilization. I think this routine would also be great for pregnant women in their second trimester and beyond who can’t do floor ab-work. (Be sure to check with your doctor first!)
  5. Strong and lean. For those of you looking to start out on the path to a slimmer physique, try this strong and lean workout. If three to five pound weights feel too heavy, don’t feel bad about using one or two pounds to start – or nothing at all. Once you learn these moves, you can sneak them into other at-home workouts you do on the regular for some added challenge.
  6. Back attack. This wedding dress workout is a one-two punch, and it’s particularly handy for  – you guessed it – the to-be brides in the crowd. Since it’s only two moves that target your back, you should focus on good form and consistency. The Scaptian move is particularly tough, though the look of it is quite deceiving.

Written by Ashley Marcin.