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My First Run: Patricia Hensley

My First Run, Patricia HensleyWe all remember our first. Our first run, that is.

We recently asked our readers to share stories from the first time they laced up their sneaks and hit the streets  (or treadmill or trails). Below Patricia Hensley shares her story. Want to submit yours? Email us!

At the age of 61, I became a widow and moved across two states to live with my daughter. I met someone that was on the medi fast diet. I was already running on the treadmill and my daughter encouraged me to try running outdoors. I then joined silver sneakers through my health care provider. Silver sneakers allowed me to have a  YMCA membership. I signed up for a 5K with the Y and then a half marathon at age 67. I now am three months short of 68 and will be running another half marathon.

Each day brings a new ache or pain and doubts of doing any more races. But then I go out for my run, and the feeling of exhilaration makes me plan on another race!

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