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Tips for exploring a new city through running

Explore a new city by running

There are few things that make you feel more in touch with a city’s pulse than taking a run through it. Running makes you feel like a local – not like a visitor – and it’s one of the best ways to explore a new city. When you’re running, you don’t have to worry about finding […]

The best sunscreens for runners: 2015

Sunscreens for Runners: 2015 updated edition

A few years back, we did a round-up of our favorite sunscreens. Since then, several new products have emerged on the market (and in our lives) so we thought it was time to re-share. Here are our new favorites: The one that won’t sting your eyes:  The only thing more annoying than the heat on a […]

How to stay healthy on summer vacation

Stay healthy on summer vacation

  In August, I’m going to the Jersey shore for a week with my extended family. It’s the same spot we’ve vacationed in since I was a tot. I’m so excited. I cannot wait to lounge on the beach, eat at all my favorite restaurants – ice cream parlors included –, and stay up late […]

Runner’s column: think inside the box

Think inside the box

On the last day of class, my linguistics professor proudly stated his farewell address. It was a hot and sticky afternoon in mid July. We were young twenty somethings looking forward to and secretly fearing our student teaching placements. He delivered his words with grace. “You are now guardians of the English language, gatekeepers responsible for maintaining the integrity and strength […]

Beginners: How to start running off on the right foot

How to start running on the right foot

If you’re just starting a running program, what you do over the next few weeks and months can make or break a running habit. A lot of people try to pick up running, but don’t last very long. Sure, some just realize that the sport is not for them. But others quip running is “too hard” […]

Escape: Take a running vacation

Escape: tips for your running vacation

Destination races or “racecations” are so last year, right? The answer to that question depends on whom you ask. But if you’re looking for a new way to combine your love of running with a love of traveling, we’ve got you covered. Consider one of these ways to have a running vacation: Running cruises We […]

Want to write for WalkJogRun?

Writer wanted!

WalkJogRun is looking for a writer/Instagrammer with a passion for fitness, health, and technology to contribute original articles to the WalkJogRun blog on a weekly (or 2x weekly) basis. This individual would also share 1 to 2 photos per week for our Instagram account. Interested? Read more!