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Planning a race: race directors share challenges, logistics, and why they do what they do

Race directors share what goes into planning a race.

Much like training to run a race, putting a race on successfully requires months of preparation, dedication, and hard work. And with the past decade’s running boom, race directors now contend with some pretty fierce competition. BJ Williams of Massachusetts – who organizes the annual The BJ Williams Road Race and the Annual 10K Hilltop Road Race – said getting your […]

How to make time to train for a marathon – without letting it run your life

How to train for a marathon without letting it run your life

There’s a saying in the running world that marathon training is the real endurance event and the actual race is just a victory lap. Signing up to run a marathon is a big commitment because of the training. You’ll need to put in four months or so of tough workouts just to get to the […]

The benefits of “effortless” runs

The benefits of effortless runs

Running is essentially a competition against ourselves. We are always pushing to see if we can run the route faster, finish a longer course, log more miles than the week before. But very few runners will say they run for this competitive factor alone. Most enjoy running because it clears their head, it helps them […]

Expert advice on hill running

A hill our writer, Rob Haneisen, runs regularly.

Hills are difficult for any runner, no matter your skill or fitness level. Learning how to run them safely and using their challenge to your advantage is something learned by trial and error – or better yet, from the experts. We talked to the following four certified running coaches and seasoned runners about what works with hill running, […]

10 of the most inspiring #Instarunning accounts


A daily dose of motivation is merely a newsfeed scroll away. These 10 Instagram accounts will have you lacing up your sneakers and out the door in minutes! 1. @karagoucher: Professional runner Kara Goucher’s Instagram is a mix of active lifestyle shots, candid family photos, and healthy snacks –demonstrating her energy as she juggles a busy family life […]

The benefits of long walks for runners

The benefits of long walks for runners

Much like meditation, walking forces you to slow down and allows your mind and body to move without stress. Runners may scoff at the idea of walking as “cardio” – that it’s not worth their time – but the physical and mental benefits of long – 45 minute- plus – leisurely walks cannot be overstated. […]

Big race vs. small race: the pros and cons of different race sizes

Big vs. small: the pros and cons of different race sizes

The great thing about racing is it takes what is normally a solitarily pursuit – running – and turns it into a group activity.  But your experience at a race can vary depending on its size. A local 5K or 10K from a running club is going to feel a lot different than a big, metro […]

The best deodorants for runners (as decided by runners)

We runners … well, we smell. Some more than others. But as a whole we are a stinky bunch during and post workouts. Finding a quality deodorant that can stand the test of a double digit run on a sweltering day is a must for many of us. I recently polled a running group, and the following deodorants and […]

#Selfie: Proper fitness selfie etiquette

Fitness selfie etiquette

Ahh. The Selfie. It’s ubiquitous in today’s culture. And while the actual act of snapping a picture of yourself is innocent enough, it’s the posting of those #nomakeup #flawless selfies all over the internet that creates a divide among the social media masses. Today, our pro-selfie writer explores a specific niche of the selfie phenomena: the […]

Group running: lost motivation found

Lost motivation found through speedwork

In the past, when I was in a running lull, I signed up for a race. Having a deadline on the calendar was usually enough to get my butt in gear – whether the event be 3 weeks or 3 months away. Lately, though, that hasn’t been enough. A couple of months ago, I registered for a race […]