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10 of the most inspiring #Instarunning accounts

instagram-iconA daily dose of motivation is merely a newsfeed scroll away. These 10 Instagram accounts will have you lacing up your sneakers and out the door in minutes!

1. @karagoucher: Professional runner Kara Goucher’s Instagram is a mix of active lifestyle shots, candid family photos, and healthy snacks –demonstrating her energy as she juggles a busy family life with staying fit and competing at an elite level.

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2. @instarunners: Instarunners is a mix of Instagram’s finest runners from around the globe. You never know who might pop up – it might even be you!

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3. @sagecanaday: Sage Canaday is a mountain ultra-trail runner who will inject the great outdoors into your Instagram feed. You can almost feel the fresh air!

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4. @runningsayings: So you’re all dressed and ready to go, but somehow the sofa has sucked you in and your legs are arguing with your head. But a quick flick through this feed will put you on the right kind of springs (i.e., not the sofa kind.).


5. @newyorkroadrunners: The coolest collection of runners speeding through world-famous scenery. It’s the best kind of marathon motivation.

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6. @ashruns100s: Filled with beautiful scenery, training tips, and the occasional pug appearance, you’ll no doubt feel instantly energized after a scroll through her account.


7. @alpineworks: Run by Joe Grant, this is the account to scroll through if you’re experiencing wanderlust. The beautiful, breath-taking tranquil pictures will inspire you to find a magical forest to skip – er, we mean, run – through!

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8. @msprincessleigh: Combining her love for all things Disney and her passion for fitness, Leigh’s Instagram has a bubbly, youthful energy that will either leave you wanting to be a princess or go for a run – neither of which is a bad idea.

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9. @fitnessrunningtips: This account features the ultimate collection of daily motivational quotes and anecdotes – everything you could possibly need to get pumped for a walk, a jog, or a run!


10. @walkjogrun: OK – who would we be if we didn’t do a shameless plug at the end? Head to our Instagram for all things walk, jog, or run related and to keep up with our latest blog posts.

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Written by Selina Swift.

Selina Swift is a freelance writer based in London. She covers a range of topics, writing for a number of websites, including her personal blog. In her spare time, she is a keen horse rider and fitness fanatic, and makes any excuse for an adventure.