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Expert Q+A on plantar fasciitis: what it is and how to treat it

Treating plantar fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis (PF) is one of those dreaded running injuries that can affect any runner – from beginner to veteran – and the painful symptoms can last for months.  We talked to two certified running coaches –  Meredith O’Brien in Virginia Beach, Virg. and Denny Krahe in Lakeland, Fla. – about the topic and got their advice on treating and preventing PF. […]

My First Run: Adrian Spurrell

My first run: Adrian Spurrell

We all remember our first. Our first run, that is. We recently asked our readers to share stories from the first time they laced up their sneaks and hit the streets  (or treadmill or trails). Below Patricia Hensley shares her story. Want to submit yours? Email us! I didn’t used to run – I was a swimmer. My […]

Don’t be annoying: Tips for talking about running

How to talk about running without being annoying

We runners tend to be a little bit obsessed with our sport, and as a result, we often go on (and on) about it when someone brings running up. And that can be … well, obnoxious. Here are some ways to avoid being insufferable and to be interesting and insightful instead: Don’t share every detail Someone who has the same amount […]

Pre-race meal: fish and vegetables


My fueling before a long run (12+ miles) or a race – usually a half marathon – is a bit different than what most runners may use but through trial and error I have discovered this is what works for me. Fueling for an early morning race (usually 8 a.m.) means a hearty dinner usually […]

Pre-race meal: zucchini carbonara

Pre-race meal: zucchini carbonara

I love food but I don’t usually hand-source all of the ingredients for my meals from various bakers, cheesemongers, and charcuteries. But my pre-race meal is a ritual, and it involves nearly all of those things. It starts on a highly-trafficked street market in Amsterdam’s equivalent of the Latin Quarter. The Albert Cuyp market is […]

Pre-race meal: breakfast, for dinner

Pre-race meal: breakfast dinner

The morning of a race, I keep things simple – I mean a Clif Bar and a banana simple. I don’t even mess around with coffee. The night before though, instead of a heaping bowl of pasta, I fill up on what might typically seem like breakfast food, for dinner. Some of my choices include: Whole wheat pancakes […]

How to really go to the gym (no, seriously, for real this time!)

How to really go to the gym (no, like for real)

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who like gyms, and those who would rather do anything else in the world than go into one. Many runners fall into the latter category. After all, why would you choose sweating on a tiny machine beside 20 other people over being outside, in the fresh […]

Lessons learned at a trail running camp


Back in the heart of summer, I spent one week at an all-women’s trail running camp in Estes Park, Colo. – a small town located at the base of Rocky Mountain National Park. Elevation: 7,522 feet. Each day we would wake up around 5:30 a.m. and run a new trail – sometimes straight up a mountain. […]

How to get a running injury: a step-by-step guide

Inject some fun in your running

Have you signed up for a marathon, but you don’t want to meet your goal? Are you sick of waking up early to go run and want an excuse to stay under the covers. Fear not! Just follow this guide to getting injured*, and we guarantee your race day will go horribly wrong or won’t […]

Get your mojo back: how to make running fun again

When you just don't want to run

We all have those weeks or months when lacing up our running shoes seems impossible, pointless, or just not very much fun. Running is a sport that requires consistency, patience, and perseverance, and that can get frustrating – even though, deep down, we love it. Sometimes even if you get yourself out of the door, […]