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How to sneak fitness into your day

How to sneak fitness in throughout the dayI’m sure everyone feels this way at one point or another, but lately there just aren’t enough hours in the day. I find myself staying up later and later to fit it all in. And while I tend to prioritize fitness, there are some days when I struggle to get in a workout.

Here are a few tricks I use to sneak in some movement into my schedule:

  • Run the stairs: We all know we should take the stairs instead of the elevator but instead of walking them, sprint up! I figure I go up and down my stairs at home at least a dozen times a day, and sprinting is an easy way to get your heart rate going.
  • Use the commercial breaks: Most of us have DVRs but try not to zoom through the commercials and instead spend that time working out. My favorite exercise during commercials is holding plank pose. See if you can build up to holding one throughout the entire break.
  • Buy an exercise ball: We have an exercise ball in our living room for bouncing the baby, but it’s also great for quick bursts of sit-ups. Put your ball somewhere prominent so you walk past it multiple times. I try to get in a couple sets of 20 throughout the day, which can really add up.
  • Be squat happy: Yes, it looks silly but I do squats while brushing my teeth. Each time you brush your teeth try to get in a few reps of 10-15 in the bathroom.
  • Don’t forget to stretch: Add a few simple stretches to your morning and evening. A couple of forward folds or twists two times a day can do wonders for opening up tight hamstrings and your back.
  • Work on your balance: Balance deteriorates as we get older. If you find yourself waiting for a meeting to start or for your coffee, simply pick up one leg and work on your balance. Try tree pose with your foot on your ankle for a subtle but challenging posture.
  • Meditate while you wait: Whenever I’m waiting in a line I immediately reach for my phone. I hate this habit so lately, instead, I’ve been trying to use these idle moments to close my eyes and take a few deep, centering breaths. Even 30 seconds in the midst of a hectic day can bring some calmness to your mood and improve your concentration.

Fitness really can happen just about anywhere. Try these out, and let us know below how you get fitness into your day.

Written by Lisa Chase.